Month: April 2020

Santiago’s confrontation Encounter with the sharks

The sharks have great symbolic significance in the novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”. Santiago’s confrontation with sharks is the most thrilling part of the novel. Santiago’s struggle with sharks takes place at a time when he is completely tried and his hands are badly cut, but in this time of ordeal he is ready to face the attack of sharks. He kills the first shark “Mako” with courage, but the attack of the first shark causes a great deal of loss for Santiago as it take forty pounds of marlin’s flesh and his harpoon. Santiago is deeply disappointed at this loss as he is fully aware of the fact that blood of the marlin would attract other sharks. He knows, “Now the bad time is coming.” But he remains consistent in his faith that

The Old man and the sea a tragedy

The Old man and the sea a tragedy Tragedy is the tale exceptional sufferings leading generally but not always to the death of the hero. The hero possesses certain good qualities but he is not perfect. He suffers from a flaw which brings about his downfall.“The Old Man and the Sea” shows most of the characteristics of tragedy. Santiago faces exceptional sufferings because of his flaw. Santiago’s struggle with the marlin has tragic qualities because of the suffering and endurance of the fish and the old man. Our feelings of admiration and pity are aroused for both of them

Hemingway’s Code Hero in The Old man and the Sea

Hemingway’s Code Hero philosophy is very simple in “The Old man and the Sea”.Hemingway defines code of hero as a man who lives correctly. He follows certain ideals of honor, courage and endurance. He exercises all these traits in painful and stressful situation.The code hero handles difficult situation bravely. He is individualist and free willed. He has his own set of morals and principles based on honor courage and endurance. He never shows emotions. He expresses himself not in words but in action. He shows grace while he is under pressure. Everything about him was old except his eyes.

Marlin in The Old Man and the Sea

Marlin in “The Old Man and the Sea”has very much significance,Marlin gives a charm to this novel. Santiago, the old fisherman, is greatly impressed by the giant fish, marlin. The appearance of the fish is the most thrilling incident of the novel. Santiago is the hero of the novel while the marlin is the hero of the sea. The marlin lives deep in the sea. He is very careful in swallowing something. The marlin is very big fish. It is the bigger than old boat. Indeed it is beautiful and experienced fish.

The Old Man and the SEA Hemingway style

Hemingway is a renowned novelist of English literature. He is the first American novelist to have raised the status and function of English novel as a form of literary expression. He has written six novels. All these novels have got world-wide popularity. He has used a very convincing and powerful prose style in his novels.

The Role of Manolin in The Old Man and the Sea

Manolin plays a significant role in the novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”. He is second important character after Santiago in ” The Old Man and the Sea’. Hemingway describes the close relationship between the old man and Manolin. Manolin loves Santiago sincerely and selflessly. He is fully trustworthy and devoted disciple of old man. He learns the skills of fishing from Santiago. Manolin says;