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The Theme of Death in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry

Sylvia Plath deals multi dimensions themes in her poetry but she worked mostly on the theme of death The Theme of Death in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry is very much dominant which suppress all others themes The Theme of Death in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry is only one of the themes that cause discomfort and even pain to the modern reader .Like Emily Dickinson, who has written hundreds of poem on the themes of the death, Sylvia has also return at least a dozen poems where in death and transfiguration are the major themes .And ,of course, there are minor thematic references to death in quite a few more poems.But this does not mean that one should try to point to any resemblance between Emily and Sylvia with respect to their approaches to death . Both happen to have lived in different periods with different impulses to impinge psyches .And , of course ,the to happen to have had different emotional constitutions, academic training and environments. dilating on the theme of the death equates Sylvia with the few other poets who had from New England, viz, Bradstreet, Edward Tailor and, of course, Emily .Sylvia obsession with death, her mode of treating this subject ,strikes the moderns more than the discussion of death in other does .In modern Western societies ,death and dying are deemed Taboo subjects. Life should attract us more than death .One comes into this world only once ,and talking about death does nothing but spoils man’s little joys and pleasure of living. The individual’s seem worried about the future ,and death, particularly suicide denies won the bless of future years .The moderns think about and plan the feature .That is probably why even when Sylvia talks of merger in the sun or the Cosmos, in order to accomplish greater awareness of the reality that the universe is, the modern deem her mentally sick. Sylvia has the courage to confront the Taboo subjects like death and suicide just as D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce and Henry Miller had the guts to talk about the represented sexuality of their time.

Ariel Poem Critical Analysis

After Richard Wilbur if a name comes in our mind about complex poet , it is not nobody else but Sylvia. She is too complex poet of the history of English literature as well as American literature. Ariel poem is one the poems in English literature which is the most complex poem , ever written in any literature, that why its critical analysis is very much hardwork at all. Ariel is one of the Plath’s most complicated poems ,but also probable her finest single construction ,because of the perception and depth of its images. The ambiguities in the poem are mostly attributed to its title ,which has three fold meaning .firstly, it would call to the reader’s mind Shakespeare’s airy spirit in the “Tempest” a servant to Prospero and a symbol of Prosperou’s control of the upper elements of the universe, fire and air. On the bio graphical level ,”Ariel ” was the name of Plath’s favourite horse on home she weekly went riding .Robert Lowell and Plath’s husband, Ted Hughes seem to imply in their commentaries that the Ariel in the poem is the author’s horse.In a horse riding sexual feelings comes to in our mind , when man feels jumping , in shape of ups and downs same as feelings come in during sex course it can be assumed that Sylvia Plath remembers her sexual experience during her life ,because in her life she had raped by a Negro. After it , Sylvia herself goes to towards that Negro man who she had been her raped,and took enjoyment by him in way of sexual desire .As we know that , she is frustrated woman in her life and takes pleasure by sexual desire.

God is Missing

Again I confirmed that how much bigger he is , her answer was same , she further said that ,” I could not explain how is bigger He. He had created all the universe .That was a time You know that God , I had fallen in love with , without seeing you , because mine love creates my own rules , my love has a philosophy that , physical meeting , physical seeing , are not necessity in love .Because love is blind , My love nourished day by day , I had a craze of you , I remembered you all the time , i supposed that you were listing me , I counted yours name on my finger ,

Waiting for Godot Setting

Waiting for Godot Setting is just very simple , that setting consist in a country road , a leaf less tree and nothing happens in both ‘ Acts’. just as the setting, the action and the dialogue deliberately offer themselves know new directions for meanings, so the relationships within the play or sterile in terms of meaning. This conclusion is contrary to what we have come to expect in more traditional drama. There ,the relationships produce new direction for the plot. in ” Julius Caesar “,Brutus relationship with Cassius has a profound influence upon the lives of both Brutus and Cassius , or to take a modern example in “death of a salesman” beliefs relationship with his father willy Loman is shown as the cause both of Biffl’s intial failure in life and and of his hope for a better life letter. In “Waiting for Godot” the relationships do not produce any search result. Vladimir and Estragon might ,at the most ,be said to bring companionship to each other .Even their product of their relationship is to be doubted .For example in the second act Estragon tries to wring from Vladimir the admission that he is happy to be reunited with his friend .Vladimir is asked to make his declaration, “Even if it is true” and he finally says grudgingly and unconvincingly “I am happy”. Moreover towards the end of the play, Estragon even suggests that it might be better for them if they parted .These reaction are typical of their relationship. It is offers no new suggestions or direction for either of them .they have nothing to contribute ,one to the other .There only bond is there fruitless waiting one may question the nature of their relationships to Godot. Godot never appears in the play there seem to be a similar lack of for a new direction there. They are not sure who Godot is they do not know what he is really like that do not know why they are waiting for him and Godot never comes. Pozzo and Lucky ,might at first ,seem to have a meaningful relationships. Lucky know his function ,he serves to Pozzo. Similarly Pozzo knows his function he enslave lucky .their relationship is grotesque ,but it does not serve to give some meaning to their existence. This relationship might be said to be productive in that Limited way .However ,when Pozzo and lucky reappear in act 2 ,semblance of meaning disappears , for the ,distinctiveness of their roles has vanished . But Pozzo and lucky and threshing helplessly on the ground and their depart stumbling hopelessly. Their relationship also is sterile

“Waiting for Godot” Plot

The playwright intentionally avoids introducing any new element in his plot construction in “Waiting for Godot” .The life of the tramps remain essentially what it was the day before ,without any remarkable change. Even the action exhibits a tendency towards reputation.Both the act begin with the same situation .In act 1 Vladimir exclaims you again and a little later there you are again .The two tramps take about beating that Estragon has received in both acts. We find Estragon struggling with his boots and expressing his concern over his feet in both act .Again Vladimir has difficulties with urination in both act. There is a comic interplay of carrots , reddish and turnips .In both acts the two tramps discuss the possibility of suicide by hanging. The boy as well as possible and lucky appear in the both act the concluding sentences at the end of the act both the acts are similar. At the end of the act one Vladimir suggests “yes ,let’s go” and Estragon suggestion is similar at the end of the act 2,” yes let’s go”. And in the either cases we notice neither of the two make any moments to really get up and leave. the similarity of pattern in between the act 2 is significant and makes the play different from traditional play with a linear structure .Repetitive actions draw our attention to the circular structure of” Waiting for Godot’ .

The Sea Play Edward Summary

Before starting the summary of the play The sea we will try to know about the modern play and modern literature ingredients and how is it different from classic literature .Because it is very important to know before reading the summary of the play” The sea that has been written by Edward Bond. Plot inside the drama of the modern era has been almost ended ;we can say that without plot modern’s writers go into their plays , the story is completely vanished from the surface of the play which was in classic drama before. And we also have to find its own moral lesson and modern theme because there was no one inside it. But this would not happen in the classic play , at the start of chorus, we were told that what would be its morale, and moral lesson.Now at the time of modern time we hardly found out any explicit theme. And we get through with complete guidance ,This does not mean that in these plays ,there is no themes but hidden themes present in this play which the writer leaves on us that we have to find it ourselves.

Female Characters in Importance of Being Earnest

As far as Oscar Wilde is concerned he is a man of great not only for writing drama but also for delineated characters. In Importance of being Earnest there are four female that are totally different one another ,they have different personalities.But Oscar Wilde creates these female characters very minutely as well as artistically. It is said that Oscar Wilde does not deal with characters psychological but apparently .He makes his characters only on surface level, he always forgets to paint his characters by inner self or we may be say that he has lack of knowledge about human’s nature or mankind’s insight.

Symbolism in Sylvia Plath poetry

After Richard Wilbur if a name comes in our mind about complex poet , it is not nobody else but Sylvia. She is too complex poet of the history of English literature as well as American literature.She is a house of symbolism , Plath’s poetry is a complex of symbolism Being a modern ,Sylvia Plath can’t help expressing her self in complexion,sometimes overly suggestive construction .Modernity in modern times ,has almost come to mean complexity particularly when used in the literally context. Many of the readers and critics’ find Sylvia’s poems to observe to render themselves to easy to understand ,straight forward interpretation .The obscurity in Sylvia poetry ,of course has a lot to do with the complex nature of the her experiences, and thus spring from her themes. Obscurity may partly be due to Sylvia inclination to resort the use of symbolism. The modern use symbol isms only when they feel that ordinary word will not help them express their experience of people and things around, in a very short span of time, Sylvia experienced too much and too intensely .She seems to have grown quietly earlier in the course of her life. This may also have some thing to do with her brilliance elective imagination and tremendous perception .

Character of Godot

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett is an extremely interesting play also because of the character who does not happen to be there in the play. Godot is the most and ambiguous and the most controversial of character in English literature. It is also because Beckett himself when asked , declined to explain this character, saying, that he himself did not know who Godot was. Now the writer should not be taken literally, a saner approach would be to assume that Beckett deliberately avoided explaining Godot with a view to increasing the appeal of the character . Critics have been racking their brains since then to come out with plausible interpretation. It has been a part of human psyche to expect a super being to come and solve their problems. man has always looked for a Massiah. Always is important. It has been suggested that Godot is diminutive form of God .Godot ,therefore ,may suggests of allude to the intervention of a super human being. But it if Godot is a diminutive, it may employ that the almighty is not potent enough to solve men’s problems are help him rid himself out of his misery. The word Godot. May have thus been used it ironically.

Oedipus Rex Tragic Hero

When we study the character of Oedipus Rex then we find all type of elements that or above mentioned. Oedipus belongs to a royal family he opens his eyes in King’s family after reaches at Thebes he gets marriage with “QUEEN JOCASTA” and becomes once again king, a king of people at all. No doubt about it Oedipus by nature is a good friend, good husband as well as superior king who cares people as a family. In the sense of husband he proves to be very kind gentle and good husband in every step of life.