Month: October 2020

Mourning Becomes Electra Oedipus complex

As we know that Oedipus Rex is a Greek play in which Oedipus kills his father with his own hands in unconsciously ,and gets marry his mother.In this sense, the sense makes here Oedipus hates his father but loves his mother , it is called Oedipus complex,rather in this play ‘ Mourning Becomes Electra’ we find out two types of complex Electra and Oedipus complex in ‘ Mourning Becomes Electra’. A daughter Lavinia attracts towards his father and hates his mother which is called Electra complex ,on the other hand a son Orin loves his mother and hates his father and kills his father in his dream unconsciously.

Mourning Becomes Electra Freudianism or Psychological

Freudianism in Mourning Becomes Electra psychology assumes in the play of only the role of the gods in Greek drama in the words of wonder if they have no Gods are heroes to portray they have the conscious the mother of all gods and and heroes the shows his close relation to modern psychology his interest was in human nature and his Dramas have tried to sound the steps of human patients it is only these conception of tragedy that draws him towards a profound exploration of the Mourning Becomes Electra.It is in mourning becomes Electra that O’Neill has worked about his theories based on Freud ideas the play is a version of the Orestes story which is relevant to the 20 century as “The Orestes was to Athens .O’Neill has adopted the story and has given sexual motivation to every Twist of the plot the incestuous attractions with in the family are explicitly stated. Lavinia’s fondness for her father and jealousy for her mother, Orin’s inner self passion attachment to his mother and the insane jealousy which makes him kill her lover are illustrations of the Oedipus complex and the Electric Complex. In this way O’Neill makes the characters themselves express it. Christine tells her daughters Lavinia

Mourning Becomes Electra Greek Tragedy

Mourning Becomes Electra is a Greek Tragedy in the sense of its title clearly indicates that it is a story ‘Mourning Becomes Electra’ informs us about the Greek Tragedy. The very title mourning becomes Electra brings Greeks plays and Greek days to our mind. Many writers in ancient Greece drew on the story of the house Atreus, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides Homer, being prominent among them Agamemnon brother of Menelaus goes to the war at Troy. Clytemnestra his wife takes Aegisthos as her paramour and shares the government of Agras with him. In due course of time Agamemnon returns having sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia .He brings with him Cassandra ,Priam’s daughter. Clytemnestra and her lover murder him. Electra feels ashamed and wishes for her brother’s return home he was sent abroad by her mother and has now become a man. Orestes returns and kills Clytemnestra and Agisthus. He is pursued by the Erinyes and keeps wandering about in agony . He finally vindicates himself before the Tribunal of Athena’s Aeropagus and his cleansed of his sin.