Month: November 2020

Justify the Title Mourning Becomes Electra

As far the title of Mourning Becomes Electra is quite justify because the whole story revolves around that title . As we know that mourning means lament of any thing and Electra is a modern term which means that a daughter attracts toward her father .As we know that Oedipus Rex is a Greek play in which Oedipus kills his father with his own hands in unconsciously ,and gets marry his mother.In this sense, the sense makes here Oedipus hates his father but loves his mother , it is called Oedipus complex,rather in this play ‘ Mourning Becomes Electra’ we find out two types of complex Electra and Oedipus complex in ‘ Mourning Becomes Electra’. A daughter Lavinia attracts towards his father and hates his mother which is called Electra complex ,on the other hand a son Orin loves his mother and hates his father and kills his father in his dream unconsciously. Lavinia’s mourning and passionate attitude starts when Lavinia thinks about that she is insecure and she is not acceptable child of her parents as Christine herself informs her , they do not want to bear to you . That is why she attracts towards her father and becomes jealous by her mother .

Mourning Becomes Electra DRAMA of Revenge and Passion

Undoubtedly ,”Mourning Becomes Electra is a Drama of Revenge and Passion” .It is fated family which is called Mannons , all the members of family have to tendency towards revenge and jealousy passion .There is no doubt about that every man has passions in himself either goods or bads. In fact the Mannons are mostly preoccupied with negative passions .Every character wants to take revenge by each other .Actually, revenge passion is included in their DNA.Ezra and Christine’s hatred passion starts when Ezra does not have sex with Christine on first wedding night . Lavinia and Christine’s revenge and passionate attitude starts when Lavinia thinks about that she is insecure and she is not acceptable child of her parents as Christine herself informs her , they do not want to bear to you .Adam wants to take revenge by the mannons family because he is informed that his mother died by the Mannons carelessness.They are jealous and hate one another Mourning Becomes Electra is a modern rewriting of the Orestia transposed from a Agga Mannon ‘s return to Orgoss after the Trojan War to Ezra Mannon return to the Mannon’s house in New England after the American Civil War. The play could have been a mechanical transference of the Greek plot to modern times.The story of mourning becomes Electra seems to resemble the facts of the original Greek trilogy which is also based on revenge and jealousy passion , or ‘ Mourning Becomes Electra Greek Tragedy ‘ particularly, ‘Homecoming’ is closest to its original. The Genreal returns home form war the way Agamemnon did and is murdered by his wife the way Agamemnon was murder by Clytemnestra instigated by her lover Adam Brant (Aegisthus).The mother and daughter confront each other but there are certain differences, as well Christian and Adam do not stab .Ezra but poison him, in fact, Christine alone does it. Neither Ezra Mannon and Clytemnestra had.

Mr. Bleaney Critical Analysis and Summary

Mr. Bleaney is one of the best characters in Larkin’s poetry because he tells about modern man’s dilemma . Mr Bleaney is treated with a ironically way , it seems that it is just story of a lay man but inwardly it is satire on modern man’s , man’s life style ,modern man ‘s low income, problems no progressive attitude of modern man, he has no literary interest.As far as Mr.Bleaney character is concerned it is very vivid and clear ,it deals with man ‘s loneliness ,it is a very common in Larkin’s poetry man’s detachment and man’s loneliness in his society.
Now, we will discuss Mr. Bleaney’s poem in a critical way .If we analyse that then we find that Mr.Bleaney poem is dealt in ironically as well as humorous ways . The poem starts with light way ,it seems that it is only story that is narrated by speaker,in fact, Larkin himself but the having whole read of the poem it becomes clear that it is not just story of paying house guest rather it is told about modern man’s problems . It is Mr. Bleaney who is laborer in some factory which prepares car’s budies.

Puritanism Elements in Mourning Becomes Electra

In Mourning Becomes Electra comes to see that there is only puritanism air ,or elements entire practice has been died only appearances are remaining . So first of all, what is puritanism ,in this approach or its followers of this creed follow the rule of restraint, less eating , less sleeping ,less enjoy . All the time remain in busy prayer, there is no concept of love , sex or sex before marriage.They claim that and their main slogan is that they should pure their soul as well as their mind that is why this creed is called puritanism. But there is an other question arises that where and when this term or creed started .During the reign of queen Elizabeth , when the work of reformation was less or more complete , a good deal of rebuilt and ceremonials of the “Roman Catholic’ church were still retained , though the established religion of England was Protestantism.This Protestantism in England known as Anglicanism , was a kind of compromise between extreme Catholicism and extreme Protestant .Naturally two groups of people emerged ;-

The Functions of a Teacher Critical Summary

This is a new topic that Bertrand Russell has been chosen in his essay ‘The Functions the Teacher’ , In this essay Russell tells us that what is real function of the teacher and what he has been performing now a days ,in Russell’s point of view , teachers are not performing their duty rather they are puppets in the hands of government as well as their employers .They are not so free that they openly educate their students and what is reality . As we know that teaching is a scared profession as well as passion. That days have gone when a teacher was considered to be safe guard of civilization. Now a days he has concern with his only personal benefits . As far as his passion is concerned with that professional is also died. A teacher can perform his duty if he is free from intellectually but unfortunately, now a days teachers have been tool of propaganda , he has to teach what his employers want .This is a main reason that he is bound to do so .In this sense , a teacher has to instill prejudices and wrongs beliefs in his teaching. On the contrary of it , in ancient time , that was not exist , the teacher was very much free from authority and he could teach what he wanted ,no doubt is about that in ancient time some philosophers had to pay price in exchange of their beliefs and doctrines .For example , Socratre sentenced to death and Plato went to Jail for their ideas but these did not resist their work.

Of Marriage and Single Life Critical Summary

Of marriage and single life essay throws lights on advantages and disadvantages of marriage life ,like others essay Bacon also treats this essay with very core handed .As we know that marriage is powerful passion in a respectable society but he takes it with light hearted way .In this essay he adopts the approach of worldly wisdom ,his real motive behind that essay is only avail opportunity by that relation .He does not provide any ethical theory in this essay , he simply unveils the secrets of marriage life and single life. He also suggests that marriage can be got at any age , it gives us benefits


‘Ideas that Harmed Mankind’ essay gives us a brief prove that the whole mind of the writer as well as his theory about life.There are two causes of human‘s suffering first is by nature and other one is by himself human being. First one is some extent has been under controlled but other is not.Human misfortune are two types one is from the nature of nature and the other is from the man himself due to false beliefs, the fear of the natural disasters can be avoided, but within today’s era, humans are the enemy of humans.