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Justify the Title of Pride and Prejudice

No doubt, the “Title of Pride and Prejudice” is quiet justify. As we know the title is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ has prominent theme of this novel in itself and by that theme ”Pride” and “Prejudice ” that we can reach the real message of the writer. In eventually, it seems that pride signifies to Darcy and prejudice links with Elizabeth but it is quiet wrong ,when we go through the whole novel then we find out that both the character are embodiment of pride and prejudice. We should not forget it “Pride and Prejudice” elements are not present in major characters but also in minor characters. As Gilbert Ryle rightly says :-

“Every character of the novel exhibits too much or too little pride of a bad or silly sort or pride of a good sort, sham pride or genuine pride and so forth.”

Pride and prejudice are abstract nouns in English dictionary that have taken for the title of the novel “Pride and Prejudice” and as we know that abstract noun are not visible things or items which are hardly seen by any human eyes but these two things or words can destroy the whole system of the world. Both the characters understand that thing when they feel that elements themselves in their lives. They purge themselves with the help of realistic approach. Jane Austen invites us towards scientific approach, we should not assume about good or bad at first sight.


Lets starts the summary of the WHEN I HAVE FEARS”POEM, it is very beautiful poem John Keats that suggests his personal life, we read this poem summary we find out that he has so many problems in his that re discussed in this poem.In this poem,”WHEN I HAVE FEARS” there are several themes,which are fear of death,fear of loss,theme of temporary of life,love and beauty,theme of short lived.But the most prominent theme is that fear of death,it runs throughout the poem.The poet has a great fear about his death.He becomes very upset,when he knows that his life is too short he cannot live any more due to serious disease.

The Hero of Paradise Lost Epic

There is lot of discussions about who is the hero Paradise Lost. In this discussion there may be controversial elements .Some critics believe that Satan is a hero Paradise Lost because he is chief figure, great commander having been witty mind , after lost his Palace he is still active and unyielding .On the other side there are some people who considered that Adam is a hero of paradise lost he suffers much more , he actually does not do act particularly but he is a real hero of Paradise Lost at all .Conversation goes ahead when critics realise that Milton himself is the hero of the poem of who describes himself in the shape of Satan , he loves liberty and wants to be exploration in the sense of” Epic”.we can say that Christ is a hero of Paradise Lost because at the end he is victorious, he regained Paradise Lost having been conferred his life. Some critics go to the most extend and reveal God is a hero of the poem because he interwoven the planned and played very well against his enemy at every step of the poem.As far as Satan ‘s character is concerned , it seems that he is hero of the poem because his character can never be neglected because he challenges to authority of God he considers himself equal to God .His cunning behavior forces us to to think about how is a grandeur he is. Eventually he is physically defeated by mentally he is still stood like a tower, he is not yielding at any cost his steadfastness, makes a new world for human being .His misery brings comfort for mankind forever. No doubt, Adam and Eve lose their Garden Eden but it is temporary because God wants to disclose His Mercy His compassion and kindness for mankind and without of it He(God) cannot do so, Satan , actually ,becomes mislead he wants to destroy the mankind in the sense of jealousy but in reality he brings about downfall for himself as well as gift for mankind it is not so wrong to say that those people critics and readers believe that he is hero of paradise lost they are totally on the fault because they read only first two books after it Satan Grand figure changes into Toad, Serpent ,he is disgraced because Milton glorifies his action and body structure for the sake of EPIC requirement .When we see him after two books , he looks like helpless and weakened fellow.If we admit Adam as hero of Paradise Lost then we must analyse Adam’s character very minutely . It is Adam who suffers a lot he is disgraced by his maker and it is whom he regains his Paradise or his lost residence with a hard struggle. We should not forget it he is seduced by Eve with feminine beauty and Eve has been trapped by Satan .Apparently he does not do any special task like other Epic heroes .In other Epic most of the heroes fight against their enemies physically but Adam fight with Satan silently .John Milton in one of the greatest poets of his age .After Chaucer he has glorious place in English literature. His style is marvelous,unique and superior .In “Paradise Lost’ he shows his talent with the help of great characters as well as a sublime theme, he portrays fantastic type of characters like Christ ,Angels ,the father of humidity is Adam ,the mother of humanity is Eve , the greatest power is God and father of Evil and hatred jealousy that is name Satan .He very realistic creates or paints the character of Satan

Satan is Tragic Hero in Paradise Lost

John Milton in one of the greatest poets of his age .After Chaucer he has glorious place in English literature. His style is marvelous,unique and superior .In “Paradise Lost’ he shows his talent with the help of great characters as well as a sublime theme, he portrays fantastic type of characters like Christ ,Angels ,the father of humidity is Adam ,the mother of humanity is Eve , the greatest power is God and father of Evil and hatred jealousy that is name Satan .He very realistic creates or paints the character of Satan .He reveals his emotions,wrath,steadfastness, courage, leaderships qualities , undefeatable power , and determinations , and power having lost everything but he comes to see “Tower of strength” .As far as the character of Satan is concerned he is well created work at any angels.If we see his leadership he fill fulls all the requirements which are needed for a leader ,if we see in way of tragic hero there is also unique there is also unique ,if we analyse his power here he is also matchless. First of all ,we analyse whether he is tragic hero or not .First of all what is tragic hero Aristotle point of view a tragic hero must be sublime , he must be good and perfect ,his suffering must be by error of judgement not consciously he must be hubris in himself ,he would fall from high status to downfall .He should suffer from prosperity to adversity .The feelings of pity and fear come up .


According to Aristotle ‘s point of view tragedy is a form of action is not narrative ,narration usually takes place in ‘Epic’, it should be acted not narrated .A tragedy revolves around one main issue ,it creates pity and fear and by pity and fear a man passes through prosperity to adversity catharsis. When a tragedy takes place then the whole system disturbs by him , the whole country or the whole society ruins by his tragedy .As in Oedipus Rex we see that by cause of his tragedy his family , his country men all were effected by his tragedy. But As we know that ‘MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA is a MODERN TRAGEDY’ in which all the members of family pass through sufferings but their sufferings and tragedy do not effect any one except them.

My Tailor by Stephen Leacock Summary, theme, moral questions and answers

My Tailor essay summary tells about a tailor who is was associated with the author whose name is STEPHEN LEACOCK My tailor character is delineated by Stephen Lea cock in this essay that name is”MY TAILOR”. My tailor is not a character rather he is a feelings of the mankind He comes up to the expectations of a traditional tailor. He is always ready to welcome the customers with a smile on his face. The writer has been dealing with him for the last thirty tailor can be understood that has been under below:

Leisure Poem Critical Summary, analysis, critical appreciation, theme and questions and answers

The central idea of the poem is modern man’s forgetfulness of the aesthetic aspect of life. In this poem,” Leisure’the poet tells us We must forget the worries and dares of the life, at least for some time, and relish the beauty and charms of natural objects. We can derive pleasure from ordinary objects like trees, plants, streams and stars. We can experience the ecstasy of the highest degree if we spare time to dance with beauty and drink from her eyes. The poet has created a magical effect by personifying beauty. Those who have time to turn at beauty’s glance enjoy the richness and variety of life. We miss the delights of gazing at green boughs, shining stars at night, flowing streams in the daylight and watching squirrels hiding nuts in the grass. The poet has very successfully taught us a moral lesson. The language is affecting, rhythmic and lyrical. The poem is simple but thought provoking .Above discussion suggests Critical Summary of Leisure Poem.

The Rebel poem class 7 Summary, Critical appreciation, questions and answers

The Rebel Critical Summary suggests that the poet is in favour of rebels .These are rebels who life colourful and enjoyable otherwise life will become dull and drub .it is very good we have rebels .The poet has drawn a humorous portrait of a rebel. It is meant to be funny, amusing and comical. The rebel is merely a social oddity and poses no serious threat to society. He is not fighting against or refusing to serve the established government. He is not resisting authority or control. The rebel is merely trying to be different in some minor ways from the general current of the time.”Elements of Humor and Satire in Rebel” is very much. He just wants to be different from the crowd. It is his own way individualistic way of appealing to society to grant him recognition. He is perhaps passing through a period of transition of adolescence when he is self-conscious and is worried about other people’s opinions of reactions

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE SUMMARY, critical appreciation and analysis, symbolism, central idea, theme, message and questions answers

William Shakespeare is the universal writer of English literature. He himself was an actor and took part in many of the stage dramas of his time. His approach and observations are very sharp and sound. In this poem “SEVEN STAGE IN ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE”, he has presented the seven ages of man’s life which are so real and believable that no one can refute them. According to him man has the following seven stages. Now , we will discuss about the summary of ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE