• Q1:-Central theme of the paly A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS THEME and character sketch of Kenneth.

The play “A memory of two Monday” a thought provoking and serious play. The writer shows the economic condition of America during the war after it. The main theme of the play’A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS” is that all the people have been victimize of economic depression.

As we know that A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS is linked with the day of Monday that is starting of the day of the week.A memory of two Mondays reminds us two different type of era or time before war and after war as well as worst economical situation .A time was when everywhere was happiness ,no sorrow no depression, no fear and disillusionment this was happy Monday .Now , the time has been changed , economical condition is very much bad There are no jobs in America. The girls compelled to sell their bodies for jobs. Nobody can fulfill their wishes. All the people behooves to good economic conditions. The people have no money for food. They live very sad life in America. The writer reveals the lack of resource of the people and about economically condition of the people in this play.

Having been known that Raymond is a manger of the store who tries to clean and apple pie order in every thing but every Monday he finds out that every things is out of order .Scattered store is sign of Americans economically worst condition ,like that this play A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS “‘ becomes symbolic as well as thematic .

  Kenneth is a very sharp, stable, feral and colorful character of the play. He is from Ireland. He works in factory of auto spear parts. His duty is in the store room of the factory. He wants to employ in civil service. He belongs to a poor and humble family. He thinks about life that there are no changes in our life. But we become old and at last we die. He behooves to see Bert as a big man. Bert says him that he wishes to go for higher education. Kenneth becomes very happy and has best wishes about Bert. He could not get his aim of the life. He drinks alcoholic. He forgets his poetry.

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