Adam Bede Character

Gorge Elite is known as a modern novelist because she deals her with psychological in e very aspect of life, her characters sink into the world of subconscious, Hetty all the time sinks into world of dreams, Adam also keeps busy around himself etc. In this article we will converse about Adam Bede who is central character of the novel, Adam Bede ,as the name itself indicates about Adam Bede the title is directly linked with Adam Bede’s name , so , we do not need to tell about much more of his significance. Adam Bede Actually in this novel , represents with Adam who is father of the whole humanity, here he is little bit differ than Adam who is father of entire humanity because he is tempted by his Eve , on the other hands he is not tempted by Hetty. Some critics say that Georg Elite portrays his father in the disguise of Adam Bede. He is a character who passes through various kind of situation in his life time, he develops with passage of time , he gets maturity by suffering, it is said that first a man commits sin then he passes through suffering at last he gets redemption , although in this novel Adam Bede he does not commits any serious sin or crime yet he has pride in himself , he is self righteous , he is an arrogant, he has little bit compassions with sinners. He is symbolized by Adam in this sense , Adam also suffers a lot because of his Eve’ s cause or may be just cause like that he suffers for his Hetty .

So, far as the critical analysis of Adam Bede can checked out in this way , he is very noble and all the women of his village want to get marry with him ,