Q1:-Critical analysis SUMMARY

  • Q2:-Allegations of show against doctors.
  • Q3:-Either Bernard Shaw is justified in his opinion or not.

Now, we discuss about ‘ Are Doctor Men of Science” ,it is very artistically summaries by George Bernard Shaw. George Bernard Shaw ,an Irish play-writer and critic famous all over the world, has written on variety of topics. “Are Doctors Men of Science” is an extract from his preface to “The doctor’s dilemma”. In this play Shaw has made fun of the doctors who assume God like powers and set themselves up as judges. He mocks the doctors who give heavy doses of medicines to their patients suffering from minor diseases or discriminate them on the basic of their status.


A layman in the street considers that all doctors are men of science. Shaw does not agree to this point of view and says that a pigeon dealer is not Darwin and a piano timer is not Beethoven. Similarly every doctor is not a man of science.

According to Shaw, doctors are not well versed in their knowledge. They are not letter than tailors. An ordinary man may have more knowledge if he reads scientific magazine regularly.

Doctoring is an art not a science whereas science is a system and a method of research. It is the art of curing illness not even the art of keeping people in good health.

The main difference between a doctor and a quack is that a doctor signs the death certificate officially where as a quack cannot do so. The herbalists and bone setters also have a lot of practice.

Shaw says that doctors give heavy doses of medicines to their patients without knowing even the real disease.

Certainly, in the light of above written arguments it becomes quite clear that doctors are not men of science and I feel no hesitation to agree with the opinion of Shaw.

Q4:-Difference between a doctor and a quack.

Ans:-In his essay “Are doctors men of science” Shaw compares a qualified doctor with a quack and humorously says that the difference between the two is that the qualified one can sign a death certificate where as a quack is not authorized. Both of them are equal in killing patients.

Shaw believes that most of the doctors do not treat their patients on scientific line. Even they lack the scientific knowledge and necessary training for doing so. The doctors have material motives behind their practice. Sometimes, they give wrong medicines to their patients without caring for their side effects.

Bernard Shaw points out that quacks too have a lot of practice. He gives the example of bone sitters who earn even more than the qualified doctors and surgeons. There are witch doctors who sell charms and them there are herbalists who wander through the fields and collect various herbs. They boast of the magic qualities of these herbs and claim to cure certain diseases.

Of course, a regular doctor has studies the subjects related to medical profession and a quack does not know much of his field method of the treatment. A qualified doctor acquires his knowledge from books which a quack gets it from his elders and seniors.

In short , ” Are Doctor Men of Science” essay’s summary ,Certainly, suggests that the registered doctors the quacks the bone setters and the herbalists all are equal. They are not men of science.


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