Arthur Donnithorne Character

Arthur Donnithorne Critical Analysis of the Character

Arthur Donnithorne Character is controversial in Adam Bede novel, many critics reckon their heads by when this character has been created either he is hero of the novel or villain of the novel . Whatsoever he has earned very fame by readers in all over the world . He is very noble and blunt type of character, he is too straightforward, he can not live in the world of resistance, he is very open minded man. He also dose not take any interest in religion ,he is worldly minded man and wants to live in accord to his idea. Arthur Donnithorne Character can be exam in critically way if we go through the whole novel in minutely . He is the man who ruins the life of Hetty , as we know Hetty is younger in her age and experience of life and she does not know even though the norms of the society in which she is living . She an idealist lady by nature , perhaps Arthur Donnithorne knows very well about life and its conspiracy better than her. He creates colorful life before Hetty she is being ambitious comes into to state of Uptonian world she forgets all the sours and naked realities of life by his magic spell, he has a magic of wealth , he sees glitter to Hetty of wealth , and she is flowed by it , he is not lover in true sense in my point of view , he is dealer of body not dealer of soul if he is then he does not leave in the lurch to Hetty , if he loves Hetty by soul then he should fight for it , he should claim before Adam in confidence way , he should not yielding or surrender before him what happens , whatso matter, he should not care for it because true love never ever care for it. Although she weak fiber and weak man in love passion but in boldly love he is lion, he does not slight wait for getting marry and fills ful the bully of Hetty with his bodily love , she becomes pregnant. Having known that he is not going to getting marry with her.

Character analysis of Arthur Donnithorne

Adam Bede is the novel about the self learning and realization. Adam Bede introduces the characters with the maturity and sanity. The characters in the novel are enigmatic and complex. They seem to be mixture of the vice and virtue and sometimes deprived of the both traits. George Eliot presents the realistic and symbolic characters in her novels and Character analysis of Arthur Donnithorne is her mouth speaks evidence. She studies her characters very deeply and presents the inner thoughts of the characters at the surface level.

Arthur is the amalgam of good and bad qualities

George Eliot analyzes the characters with their inner thoughts and their perpetual habits. Her focus is on the two sides of the society one is good and the other is bad. Her characters seem to be larking between the good and the bad. She gives the realistic view of life about the character of the Arthur. Arthur is good at nature and the other feel pleasant in his presence. He has the idealistic view of life. He does not want to hurt the community rules at any cost. He does care for the feelings of the other people.

Arthur seeks others benefits in his social doings

Arthur Donnithorne Character can be analyzed, he belongs to the social aristocratic class and is appointed on a respectable status. He enjoyed the well familiar reputation in the town. He belongs to the rich class and he is optimist to help other at any cost. He uses his status to get benefits from his surroundings. He is the different sort of person who wishes to help other at any cost. He uses his wealth to gain the best end in the society. He has the inner desire to help other. He seems to be seeking opportunities to spread awareness and tendency to facilitate other people. He is self confident about his virtuous deeds in the society. He has the special hatred for those who do not help and facilitate other. By giving this description George Eliot presents the positive aspects of his personality. We see him as an agent for goodness and pity in the society.

Arthur Donnithorne behaves as unrealistic man

From the narration of the novel we are able to gather that he seems to be unrealistic sort of person. He is not confirmed about his plans of the future. He is complex and enigmatic personality introduced by the novelist. He does not realize that he has to struggle to attain the better ends in the life. He does not know that he has to work better for the next plans in the future. He lacks in the quality of the self-discipline and he does not want to realize the burden of his own faults.

His desire for Hetty is impractical

Arthur was an impractical sort of man. He has no control over her ideas and wishes .He wants to fulfill them at any cost. Her desire brings the catastrophic end in the novel. This was brought in the result of the Arthur actions. He has to face the burden of his sins at the end. He does not realize his own faults completely. He wants to reform his faults but he could not do so through the narration of the novel. He was pretty sure about his own faults and sins and he was in the state of the conflict to resolve these issues urgently. He does not respond to the call of his conscience. He insists on retaining the current scenario. He thinks and behaves unrealistic because he belongs to the aristocratic class and he thinks that he will attain his ends very easily in the future.

Arthur being an egoistic brings suffering for other characters

Arthur works on the ideals of the egoism. George Eliot presents the idea that egoistic people are constantly source of trouble and torture for the other people. Arthur can’t overcome his inborn qualities of being an egoistic person and retains his flaws forever. He can’t surrender before the wills of his personality due to his feudal background. Through the character of the Arthur se is trying to build a critical opinion on the feudal class system and their values. His flaws bring the tragic and catastrophic end through the narration. George Eliot places the emphasis on the balance in the society. She is of the view that everyone has to take care of the feeling of the people who are suffering badly in the surrounding of the people. She feels dejected at their sufferings and sorrows.

Arthur brings the tragedy which has no remedy at all

George Eliot presents the idea that one has to suffer due to his sins. She implies that punishment in the case of the Arthur and the Hetty. They bring their own downfall and their own tragedy. She gives the details about the inner most of their personality that brings their tragic end in their life. Hetty abandoned her child in the result of seduction by the Arthur. Arthur has to suffer because of his own sins. His much concern was toward getting the Hetty’s heart at all. In the result of the persuaded by his desires he brings the tragic view of life in the novel.

Arthur depicts the tendency to be the emotional and moral drifter

He is of the view that one should follow his own principles in his life. He wants to exercise his own emotions and own moral guides. He does not have a particular set of beliefs and moral code to spend his life. He does not follow the realistic code of life in order to follow his inborn capacities. He depends on his own free will to spend his life and he follows the call of his heart and the mind. George Eliot gives the details of the characters very deeply and portrays their emotional and moral state in the novels.

Arthur was aware of his sins and faults

Arthur knows that Hetty was suffering because he seduced her. So we can see that he shows a tendency to know about his own sins and faults. We identify that he is trying to overcome his faults and crimes in the novel. He shows the positivity of the character when we see him exercising the guilt for his own crime. So, at the end we can assume that Arthur Donnithorne Critical Analysis of the Character is awesome and splendid

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