Critical Analysis of the poem Hope

  • In this poem “Hope is the thing with feathers” why is poetess so disappointed with hope?

Critical Analysis of the poem Hope

Critical Analysis of the poem “Hope” which has been written by Emily Bronte will help out in understanding of poetess philosophy about hope. In this poem the poetess explains us her point of views about hope.She says that hope is a fair weather friend.All the poets have positive thinking about hope but she has narrow or negative point of view about hope.Her thought is that hope makes us weak. Those people cannot do in practical life they depend on the hope.On the other side,hope can’t help us in every moment of life.

She tells that keeping great expectations to others,it is false notion. She is very disappointed about the people’s point of view.The people keep full faith on hope. Hope does not give us success,it can give us only misguiding in life.We should work in practical life,if we want to make a good and famous person in the world.All the people think that hope give us victory or happiness but it gives us only sadness.She is totally dishearten to see that hope is nothing.She thinks that hope make us idle.We never work but only belief on hope,this approach of life is nothing but night mare


Thus,end of the discussion we can say that”Hope makes”us undetermined,timid and weaker. We live always in the fool’s paradise.She narrates that it is foolish that we do not do in reality but we assume high fame in life.It is foolishness.We should think about hope that it is a bad creation of God.It makes us a weak person.If we want to successful life then we should the concept of hope.Hope is not every thing.

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