• Tell Tale Heart
  • 1; Explain the title of the story?
  • 2:Execution of the murderer?
  • 3:Was the killer a mad man?
  • 4:Motive of the killer?
  • 5:Why did the narrator of the story hate the  Old Man? 
  • 6:Why did he kill him?
  • 7:What was wrong with the eye’s of  old man? 

The story,” The Tell-Tale Heart summary “is about the murder of an old man,it was the narrator who killed the old man without any motive and solied reason. He tells us that he killed the man  for a very specific reason, that he dislikes his vulture-like eye .There was no personal enmity between them. He had no material  consideration. The old man never wronged him. both lived in the same building.”
  Objective there was none, passion there was none.  he loved the old man he had never wronged me  he has never given me any insult.for  his gold, I had no desire. “He tells us that he killed the mad because one of the eye of the old man resemble the eye of a vulture.

"One of the eyes of the old man resemble." the eye of the Valture."

  . Whenever he observed his eyes, his blood ran cold. It was purely a psychological factor that he made up his mind to kill the old man.The old man was sleeping. He opened the light lantern  and focused its light upon the Vulture Eye of the old man. The old man’s heart was beating loudly. In an instant, he dragged him to the floor and pulled  the heavy bed upon him.  The old man shrieked and died of Suffocation. He waited for the Seven nights and went to the old man’s room and every time found him sleeping.
  In short,the narrator  seems  to be an eccentric .  He kills old man with ruthlessly  without any justification. So, there is no justification for anybody to kill a person for this reason.  in fact, there was nothing wrong with the old man , but there was something  certainly something wrong with the mind of the killer.This story “TELL TALE HEART”is without any motive having read the whole summary.