Has used a personification IN LEISURE POEM?

Q2:-The poet has used a personification: can you point out?

Ans:-Yes, it is true that the poet has used personification in the poem “LEISURE”. I would like to point it out but first of all I think it fit to define personification to make it easy to understand personification clearly. Personification is actually the provision of human qualities to non- living things. The poet has used I in the 9th and 12th lines of the poem which name is Leisure.Here is the example of original lines in which personification has been beautifully used. The poet says:

                             “No time to turn at beauty’s glance,

                             And watch her feet, How they can dance

                             No time to wait till her mouth can

                             Enrich that smile her eyes began”

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In the above given lines “Beauty” is abstract idea. But the poet has given the human qualities of feet, dance, glance and smile beauty.

  • Central idea: (Critical appreciation): Moral: Summary:

The central idea of the poem is modern man’s forgetfulness of the aesthetic aspect of life. We must forget the worries and dares of the life, at least for some time, and relish the beauty and charms of natural objects. We can derive pleasure from ordinary objects like trees, plants, streams and stars. We can experience the ecstasy of the highest degree if we spare time to dance with beauty and drink from her eyes. The poet has created a magical effect by personifying beauty. Those who have time to turn at beauty’s glance enjoy the richness and variety of life. We miss the delights of gazing at green boughs, shining stars at night, flowing streams in the daylight and watching squirrels hiding nuts in the grass. The poet has very successfully taught us a moral lesson. The language is affecting, rhythmic and lyrical. The poem is simple but thought provoking.

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