Leisure Explanation by W.Davies

  • Q1:-What are some of the simple delights we miss in out rushed life?

Ans:- We will explain the poem Leisure by William Davies .There are many simple delights, which we miss in our rushed life. W.Davies has very beautifully explained out these simple delights in the poem “Leisure”. the explanation of the poem is very much deep and thought provoking

          First of all the poet has thrown light on the following simple delights which are missed because of a life of hurry and worry. The poet says that we do not enjoy the beauty and charm of the green trees. In that manner even animals are better than human being as the poet says in the poem:


                          “No time to stand beneath the boughs

                            And stare as long as sheep or cows”

The poet further points out simple delights of natural beauty. According to him, we miss the beautiful scenes of the squirrels running here and there hiding their nuts in the deep grass. The poet laments in the following lines of the poem:

                             “No time to see when woods we pass

                             Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass”

The poet further points out and describes the most beautiful scenes which we miss because of a hurried life. In day time, when the sun shines and throws its rays on to the surface of water the rays scatter around and the place looks like the night full of stars. As we read in the following lines:

                             “No time to see, in broad daylight

                             Streams full of stars like skies at night”

Even we miss the dance of beauty and its smile because of a rushed life. Our scenes have become dull. We are busy in our worldly affairs. We have forgotten the meanings of leisure.Leisure is of supreme importance because it keeps us healthy in body and mind. But we are unfortunately busy in making money or adding to our material goods. Simple delights which nature and life have to offer escape our notice. The above are the simple delights, which we miss because of lack of time.No one can can be denied that W.Davies has very beautifully explained the poem “Leisure”.

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