PATRIOT INTO TRAITOR Dramatic Monologue.

  • Q1:-Discuss the poem as a dramatic monologue.

Ans:-Dramatic monologue is actually a form of poetry where in a single character speaks in a mood of severe passion and emotion. Let us first of all explain two important words namely “Dramatic” and “Monologue”. The word dramatic is derived from the noun drama. Which means conflict and the word monologue consists two parts “Mono and Logue”. Mono means self or single and” Logue” means speech. So let us first of all point out the main characteristic of a dramatic monologue. “PATRIOT INTO TRAITOR”

They are as under.

First of all dramatic monologue has only one character that speaks out throughout the story. So in the poem “Patriot into traitor” the single speaker is the rejected and dejected political leader who speaks in the poem.

Secondly a dramatic monologue has a story which is also presented in the poem. This story is about the rise and fall of the political leader. He sums up history in the following line.

                                      “Thus I entered, and thus I go”

Thirdly a dramatic monologue in “PATRIOT INTO TRAITOR” always begins with suddenness which puts the reader in a suspense, which compels the reader to know more and more. This poem also begins with suddenness. Notice the lines below;

                                “It was roses, roses, all the way

                             With myrtle mixed in my path like mad”

Fourthly in a dramatic monologue the single character shows in high emotions. In the poem the political leader is in his high emotional dejected leader.

Lastly in a dramatic monologue the soul in action always ends hopefully.

The optimism of the rejected leader is very distinct and vivid.

Keeping in view all qualities of a dramatic monologue it becomes very clear that the poem “Patriot into traitor” is completely a dramatic monologue. 


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