Take Pity is Determination and Self-Respect

  • Take pity by Bernard Malamud
  • 1:A story of determination and self-respect?
  •  2:Eva’s life after the death of her husband?
  • 3:Rosen’s way to help Eva
  • 4: What is the real cause of conflict between Eva and Rosen 

The story take pity is about unusual heroism and determination of a Polish woman Eva and in this story” TAKE PITY “Eva proved herself a woman of determination and self-respect. In spite of a tremendous difficulties, she refuses to accept all type of help in the form of Charity. After her husband  death  she  faces a great number of Social as well as  economic problems.

Her determination and self-respect can be seen in this story” TAKE PITY “Eva proved herself when she got thousand dollar insurance of her late husband. She invested the money in the store left by her husband, but the store did not prosper  owing  to the adverse economic condition. Rosen a coffee salesman, advised her to run away with her daughter so that the creditor might not disturb her. He advised her to go to her relatives.He advised her to do some job. He advised her to marry someone, he proposed her for marry. She rejected his offer of a marriage , as she believed their charity, in any form, is inferior passion to love.  His proposal of marriage

”  Was based on pity and not on love”

she said in this context :

I had enough with sick men”. 

once Rosen brought a piece of beef for her for and some cakes for her daughters. They refused to  to accept it by saying .

“We can’t  take of mama says today is fast “. 

  Once Rosen sent  $20 to her under a fake name and prepared will for her. Eva rejected all these offers. So there are the main reason of their conflict. No doubt, both the characters were different in their temperament.
  In short , in this story” TAKE PITY “Eva proved herself a woman of determination and self-respect. She was  a true  representative of dignity and honor.  She made an undaunted struggle  against Rosen’s and exploitation out of her poor economic conditions.

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