The Rebel Critical Summary

The Rebel Critical Summary:-

The Rebel Critical Summary suggests that the poet is in favour of rebels .These are rebels who life make colourful and enjoyable otherwise life will become dull and drub .it is very good we have rebels .The poet has drawn a humorous portrait of a rebel. It is meant to be funny, amusing and comical. The rebel is merely a social oddity and poses no serious threat to society. He is not fighting against or refusing to serve the established government. He is not resisting authority or control. The rebel is merely trying to be different in some minor ways from the general current of the time.”Elements of Humor and Satire in Rebel” is very much. He just wants to be different from the crowd. It is his own way individualistic way of appealing to society to grant him recognition. He is perhaps passing through a period of transition of adolescence when he is self-conscious and is worried about other people’s opinions of reactions.For more related Questions and answers click here

The poet has expressed his view point that the pseudo-rebel does no doubt behave in an odd, complex and contradictory manner but he does so simply for his self-assertion and self-exhibition as he is neither vicious nor dangerous. He simply wants to be prominent among other people through his odd and contradictory behavior and conduct.

The poet perhaps has all these factors in mind when he takes a light hearted and hilarious view of the rebel. The humor result from the manner in which he arranges the pairs of opposites; short hair\long hair; sun\rain; fantastic\sober; dogs\cats.

Elements of Humor and Satire in Rebel:-

It would not be correct to say that the poet is satirizing the rebels. He is more inclined to make fun of the trivial behavior of the so called normal people. The rebel is neither a revolutionary nor a militant that the poet should be censorious in his case. It can therefore, be safely said that picture drawn by the poet is a humorous rather than a satirical one.

It is true the poet has drawn attention towards a tragic fact of life in the poem. In the poem a huntsman becomes the hunted in the hand of cruel fate. Kagwa was the huntsman. He used to hunt lion and other wild beasts. He becomes the victim of his own fate. Although, he was very brave yet he was helpless before his cruel and remorseless fate.Here the writer wants to tell us that sometimes a hunter may prey by cruel and remorseless fate.

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1:- Discuss the elements of humor and satire in the poem. Do you think the poet is stirring the rebels or the ridiculous trivial behavior of the so-called normal people?

The Rebel

The Rebel :

When everybody has short hair,

The rebel lets his hair grow long.

When everybody has long hair,

The rebel cuts his hair short.

When everybody talks during the lesson,

The rebel doesn’t say a word.

When nobody talks during the lesson,

The rebel creates a disturbance.

When everybody wears a uniform,

The rebel dresses in fantastic clothes.

When everybody wears fantastic clothes,

The rebel dresses soberly.

In the company of dog lovers,

The rebel expresses a preference for cats.

In the company of cat lovers,

The rebel puts in a good word for dogs.

When everybody is praising the sun,

The rebel remarks on the need for rain.

When everybody is greeting the rain,

The rebel regrets the absence of sun.

When everybody goes to the meeting,

The rebel stays at home and reads a book.

When everybody stays at home and reads a book,

The rebel goes to the meeting.

When everybody says, Yes please,

The rebel says, No thank you.

When everybody says, No thank you,

The rebel says, Yes please.

It is very good that we have rebels.

You may not find it very good to be one.

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Having read the whole poem The REBEL it becomes clear that the poet says that it is very good we have rebels otherwise life will become dull and drub.And this narrates the ‘Critical Summary” of the poem “The Rebel”

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