The themes of the poem “Woman Work”?

  •    By (MAYA ANGELOU)
  • Q1:-What are the themes of the poem “Woman Work”?

Ans:-The poem “Woman Work” has two main themes. Central of the poem moves around the daily routine of the life .There are so many themes that deal with every human being of the universe in this poem.

First of all boredom is that caused due to the daily mechanical work by a woman. This theme is quite visible in the following lines of the poem where the poetess shows her compulsion to perform them She writes:-

                                       “I’ve got the children trend

                                            The clothes to mend

And again see the given lines, which also speak out the feelings of boredom on the part of the poetess:-

                                            “The cane to be cut

                                         I got to clean up this hut”

The second important theme of the poem is love for nature and the soothing influence of nature on a man full of boredom due to machine like routine. The woman in the poem makes it clear when she after feeling boredom, wants to enjoy the company of nature. She says:-

                                        “Shine on me, sunshine

                                               Rain on me, rain

                                           Fall softly, dewdrops

                                         And cool my brow again

She addresses and teats the various elements or forces of nature, the sun, the curving sky, mountains, oceans, leaves, claiming the stones, the start shine and the moon glow as animate things, claiming that they all are her companions. Thus she closely associates herself with these beautiful elements of nature and identifies herself with them. To give a touch of joy and poetry to her ordinary prosaic life, she is very keen to lose and find herself among these elements of nature.

In short, feelings of boredom by a mechanical work and relief by nature are the two important theme of the poem.


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