• Q3:-What is the main theme or lesson or message or central idea of the poem, “New Year Resolution” by Elizabeth Sewell? Explain.

Ans:-In her poem, “New Year Resolution” the poetess has presented the profound philosophy of human life. We find so many themes in this poem that are about patience ,man”s life purpose, face the music, self recognition etc .She has brought out the reality of man’s life and his destiny in this world Now, we will discuss themes one by one that are under below in New Year Resolutions:-

She has explained her views in a simple and straight forward style. She has, in fact, highlighted her resolution, which she makes at arrival of the New Year for the consideration of her readers.

She has indeed taught us the most valuable lesson to the effect that we should always be prepare to accept, face and life with the bare and bitter reality of life. We should accept the existing realities of life and lead our life realistically, free from artificiality and affection.

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS ” reveals its main theme that She has also revealed that truth is always bitter and reality is painful . It does, however need a great courage to accept, face and live with reality. A person, who succeeds in the realization of these resolutions, would ultimately be deriving comfort in his life.

She points out that to sleep at night in the bony arms of reality is certainly uncomfortable and painful. In fact, the bony arms of reality are the symbol of the bitterness of truth of reality. In short, the subject matter of the poem is profoundly serious, sublime and philosophic, which highlights the reality of human life and make the human beings ready to face the bare and bitter realities of life. The reading of the poem really imprints a lasting wholesome impression on our minds.