Theme of the story The Happy Prince

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 The theme of the story “The Happy Prince’ is about sacrifice and real pleasure in human life. The rules of the a country and the rich people live far away from the common people. There lives are full of common people. The sub- ordinates always praise and use oily tongue to convince their rules. The writer has pointed it out very beautifully with the help of the attitudes of the Mayer of the city and his Councillors. See the following lines about their blind obedience.

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“Dear Me! How shabby the Happy prince looks!He said.”How shabby indeed!Cried the Town Councillors,who Always agreed  with the Mayor, and they went up to look at it.” 

That is why the rules remain ignorant of the real situation. In this way these rules remain ignorant of the real situation. In this way these rules think themselves to be the happy and successful rules. These rules think that everything is external beauty. But in the eyes of God spiritual dignity is important which can be achieved by sacrificing personal values and the sympathy for others. This is proved at the end that true love and sacrifice are very sacred in the eyes of God. That is why when God Almighty ordered his Angels to bring the most sacred and beautiful things of the earth in His Court. The Angels brought the heart of the  Happy prince and the  dead body of the swallow. God recommends their selections by saying:

“You have rightly chosen,said God for in my garden of Paradise this little bird shall sing for evermore and in my city of gold the Happy prince Shall praise me.”

The story tells us that the real purpose of the man,s life is to serve humanity.
The real manly sense of misery and ugliness in the story. The prince was not aware of all these hardship and problems of the poor. As a statue he asked the swallow to give the ruby to the poor woman. The poor woman a seamstress. Her child was ill. He had high fever. The mother had nothing to give him. The swallow went to her house and laid the ruby on the table anymore. There was no fair in his grate and he was extremely hungry.  The prince asked the swallow to pluck out a supplier and  give it to the play- weight . A match girl was in trouble as matches feel into the gutter. She was crying at the loss. She  had no shoes and her head was bare. The price asked the swallow to pluck out another Sapphire and give it to the match girl. 

” The Happy prince” is an interesting fairy table. It’s characters are unreal and imagination. The story hints at the  pains of the poor people. There are two main characters in the story. They are the status of the prince and the swallow. The story tells us that the real purpose of man life is to serve humanity.

       “The real purpose of man,s Life to serve humanity”. 

It’s is the serve to humanity , which brings the inward beauty to the statue. The swallow does a  great  service to humanity. He decided to live with the prince. The prince remained deaf to the sorrows and suffering of the poor. He was not aware of the hardship and suffering of the life. He lived in the place of Sans Souci,San- Souci is  a French phrase.  Sans means without  whereas. Souci means career and worries. Thus it means without caress and worries of life. Ha led a life of luxury. No sorrow or misery was allowed to enter in that place. In the form of statue he gave all the parts of his body to the poor . He had previous  Sapphires in his eyes, Ruby in his sword hits. In   this way he won the love of God and promoted humanitarianism.

The  short story ” The Happy prince” is full of satire as well as theme. Satire is a literacy term which means to point  out  the absurdities and follies of the people of the , ruler, characters, nature and countries in a server attack so that the people the can mend their ways and be the good citizen. Satire is also used  to point out the absurd customs and tradition  of a country. The exposure is made  by attaching and exposing their futility. There are many examples of satire in the story. The first example of satire comes in the beginning of the story. When the mathematics master dies not think it good for the chicken to dream. Although dreams play very vital role in the growth of  young people yet the master was not in favor of them. So here  are the lines where lies the satire.” The Mathematics master frowned and looked very serve , for he did not approve of children dreaming.” 

 When the story moves, on ,we get another satire when the Councillors accept blindly whatever their mayor or says to be correct. The satire  is on the blind obedience . Sea the following lines in the connection.

” Dear Me! How shabby the Happy prince looks! He said ” How shabby indeed! Cried the Town Councillors, who Always agreed with the Mayor, and they went up to look at it.,”.
Then in the story there is a satire on the character of woman in general . The satire becomes clear when the little swallow says to the read.
“You have been trifling with me he cried , lam off to the pyramids.” 
In the story there is satire on those rules who are ignorant of the suffering human beings . They enjoy their power but neglect their duties. See the the regard.

” When I was alive and had a human heart, answered the statue, I did not know what year were, for I lived in the palace of Sans- Souci , where sorrow is not allowed to enter.”  

Keeping in view the above examples, it is clear that the story “The Happy Prince ‘is full of satirical elements as well as themes.

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