When I Have Fears poem Themes

  • What are the Keats thought about his own life and morality?

In this poem,”WHEN I HAVE FEARS” there are several themes,which are fear of death,fear of loss,theme of temporary of life,love and beauty,theme of short lived.But the most prominent theme is that fear of death,it runs throughout the poem.The poet has a great fear about his death.He becomes very upset,when he knows that his life is too short he cannot live any more due to serious disease.

He is a young American poet.He becomes to victim a very dangerous disease.He knows that he will die soon.He knows that death is approaching toward him.He becomes very dis-heart about his health.He wants to live more life.He behooves to write his point of view on the paper but he cannot do so.He wishes to see the romantic scenes of the lovely clouds and sky. He wants to enjoy his beautiful girl friend beauty,and her beautiful eyes.But he knows very well that he has no enough time for this.He becomes very much upset having known that life is too much short .He becomes very disappointed to see his condition.

He has various ideas about life and wants to write them on papers,he knows that his beloved is very much beautiful,she looks like angel but every thing is present,yet his life is not present,his life going to far away him.’The theme fear of loss” emerges when he thinks about his beloved separation.He does not want to apart from his lover rather he wants to live with her forever. Because his lover is too much beautiful.”Theme of beauty “appears in this poem “WHEN I HAVE FEARS” whenever he suggests that life is awesome,he also talks about its beauty,he narrates that this universe has beautiful stars,clouds,nights and sky,that sky all the time fills with stars which makes a very wonderful scene on the sky .

The theme of temporary of life can be seen when he knows that all the things of our earth one day will destroy. There is no permanent stay in this world then he realizes that he should only think about next world. Then his ideas turn out be in new one.He has great and mature belief on death.He knows that one day,he will die and God will give him one new or continuous life. We can’t stay in this world for a long time.One day the chain of breaths will be broken.

In this poem,the poet is worried about his health,his shortness of life,his lover beauty which going to destroy. When he realizes himself standing the shore of end of life.That beauty of life starting to loss its importance before his eyes.And he starts to think about eternity then his fear of death ends by it.He has a strong fear of death.He knows that all the things of the world one day will finish. So, it becomes clear that this poem “WHEN I HAVE FEARS” has several themes in itself but the dominant theme is fear of death.

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