Character Sketch of Yeasts Grandfather

  •  Write a note on the character of yeast grandfather

Character Sketch of Yeasts Grandfather

  Yeasts grandfather character is very much prominent. Qualities of character help out in making or sketching the character of W.B Yeast The character of William Butler Yeats grandfather can be sketched under the following headings:-

  A popular person:-

 The character of yeasts grandfather could be sketched as he was a popular person. He was not so popular in his family but his reputation was very well outside,he was spotless character outside his family, about this truth,  yeast says in his essay:-

“He had won the freedom of some Spanish City and again when he returned from taking the waters at Bath his men would light bonfire along the railway lines for miles.”

  A man of Silence :-

Yeast grandfather was not an outspoken man.His character can be seen in these manners. He spoke  when it was necessary. About this quality yeast writes in his essay,

“He was so silent that his wife never knew till he was never eighty”

A widely Traveled Man:

   Yeasts grandfather was  fond of traveling. He traveled many parts of the world .he  writers in his essay as under:

We knew that he had been in many parts of the world. For example he visited following countries namely,  “Jordan, China, and India.”

A Physically Strong Person:-

The character of yeasts grand father was wonderful . His grandfather was physically very strong. He was famous for his physical strength. He used to write in his essay.

“He had great physical strength and had the reputation of never or bring a man to do anything he would not do himself.”

A Man of Loose Temperament:-

  His grandfather had a very violent temperament  . he always remained in anger. Yeasts writes about this feature of his grandfather in his answer as under  :

“He had a violent and temper and kept hatchet at his besides for burglar. If he does, he would knock a man down instead of going to law”

An Honest Man:-

  Yeasts grandfather was very honest person. He did not like anyone to misuse his railway pass. He always kept the railway pass in his personal custody.So, end of the essay we can say that” Character Sketch of Yeasts Grandfather'” is delineated very artfully credit goes to writer for this.


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