Humorous and pathos in My Tailor

  • Q2:- Humorous and pathos.

Ans:- No, doubt, is about that humorous and pathos is on top in this essay that name is “MY TAILOR “.Stephen Leacock has written a series of humorous books. Usually, he takes a simple ordinary situation and turns it into a nice interesting story. The present essay is an excellent example of a humorous piece of writing. My tailor essay is mixed with pathos also. It is mixture of humorous and pathos.As we know that humor and sorrow is part of the life and humor and pathos very easily can be seen in my tailor ,so, we can say that there is presence of Humorous and pathos in My Tailor”


The tailor stands at the back of his shop with a measuring tape round his neck. He always welcomes his customers with a smile on his face and guides them in the choice of cloth and color. The decision of dark blue in large, before the author gives any opinion makes the reader laugh.

 It is also funny that the tailor stands on one leg, lifts the other and drapes the cloth on it. The opinion of the writer that his tailor can stand on one leg for an indefinite time also produces a lot of humorous.

The tailor never forgets to flatter his customers, announcing them healthier by the measurement of chest. The tailor seems to be clever and shrewd by not mentioning order is the bill till the third order is placed. Even the matter of bill is dealt with the customer. He very politely mentions that he would not have troubled about the bill if he had not had a large consignment from Europe. Certainly, this method of asking for bill is quite amusing.

The tailor says good bye to the writer in a very amusing manner. When the business is over, he begins to discuss the weather which is always pleasant for having received an order for the suit.

Pathos :-

The last part of the essay is full of pathos. Having come to know about the death of the tailor, the writer is greatly shocked. Particularly, to come to know about his worries the reader himself feels a lot.

No doubt, the writer has presented a beautiful blend of humorous and pathos in his essay “My Tailor”. My tailor essay reminds us all the human beings have heart either he or she ,either poor or rich ,my tailor is a character documentary on human sufferings and pathos.

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