• Q1: -Character of the tailor.

Ans:- My tailor character is delineated by Stephen Leacock in this essay that name is”MY TAILOR”. My tailor is not a character rather he is a feelings of the mankind He comes up to the expectations of a traditional tailor. He is always ready to welcome the customers with a smile on his face. The writer has been dealing with him for the last thirty tailor can be understood that has been under below:-


In the essay , “My Tailor” , the character is very vivid who can be seen ,the tailor is a man of few words. He speaks very little but his words carry meaning. He asks the customers about his choice of cloth and color but once give his preference about the cloth even the color. It seems that he knows about the choice of the customer. He always stands in the back part of his shop with a measuring tape hanging around his neck.

The tailor is very clever and shrewd. He does not mention about the bill till the third order is placed. Even the matter of bill is dealt with correspondence.

The tailor lifts his knee and drapes the cloth over it standing on one leg. He can stand in that position for an indefinite period of time he always gives a fixed time for the stitching of the suit and it is always a week from Tuesday.

Usually people begin their conversation with weather the tailor always ends with it. After having received an order for the suit he always took about the weather.

                                “Pleasant weather we are having”

The tailor sees his customers off at the outdoor and by the way asks him about shirting, collaring and hosiery.

The tailor has a fine taste for music. He used to play at the flute and was a side’s man of a church but in his thirty years association he never discussed religion with the writer.

Certainly, the writer has done a good effort to describe the characterizing of his tailor whose memories will always remain present with him. My tailor essay reminds us all the human beings have heart either he or she ,either poor or rich ,my tailor is a character documentary on human sufferings and pathos.

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