Never again should this terrible nuclear weapon

Never again should this terrible nuclear weapon be used no matter what happens  discuss?

  The writer of the essay Nagasaki   is very right when he says never again should this terrible nuclear weapon be used, no matter what happens. The Writer has given this conclusion to his essay on the basis of his personal experience of the use of the nuclear atomic bomb  . The writer is an eyewitness of the Bomb Blasted at Nagasaki.

When the bomb blasted the writer lost his senses when he again came into he senses he described the mystery and horror of the blast in the following manner :-
” when I went outside ,the sky had turned from Blue to Black and Black Rain started to fall .The stone wall between the houses were reduced to Rubble.”
He describe the condition of the people in   following words:-

“Their clothes were in rags and Shreds of skin  hung from their bodies ..They looked like with  vacant stares.”
  He further described the condition of the building in the following word in this essay
” I was able to enter Urakami on foot and all that I knew  had this disappeared .only the concrete and iron skeleton of building remained. there were dead bodies everywhere .”
He pointed out the physical condition of the people after the Atomic Bomb Blast as under:-

“when I arrived somewhere still alive. they were unable to move their bodies.The strongest was so weak that they were slumped over on the ground.”
  even the condition of mountains and trees were very miserable as the writer provides information in the following words:-
“The leaves of the tree were lost. The Green Mountain had  changed to  a bald Mountain”.

After having a detail of the horror and destruction caused by a blast of the atomic bomb  that Justified to say that never again should terrible nuclear weapon be used  no matter what happens.

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