Problems faced by a bachelor

  • Q1:- Problems faced by a bachelor.
  • Q2:-A confirmed bachelor.
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The main problem is faced by bachelor that is sex. A confirmed bachelor avoids the responsibilities of married life. This thing moves to be very negative on the lives of the people who live around him. Sex creates two kinds of bachelors. One is heroic, stormy and romantic. While the other one is meek and timid.He always remains in fix either he should get marry or not.His main issue is sex desire

In this essay, “The Bachelor’s Dilemma” Herbert Gold, an eminent novelist, essayist, editor and short story writer, has high-lighted the problems faced by an American confirmed bachelor. This essay is very interesting and based on the writer’s keen observation.


The first type of bachelor is shrewed Don Juan, a Byronic hero, who is attractive, capable and efficient young man. He keeps a little black addressed bork in which he has written the names of girls he has loved.He brings girls to decorate his apartment. Girls love and admire him but this relationship proves to be temporary and he turns them out as he like.

The other one is opposite of the first bachelor. He is a submissive, and humble fellow. He loves the girls of his choice but only in dreams because he lacks the courage to talk to a beautiful girl and run an affair with her. In fact, he is like an aimless tramp. Certainly, both the bachelors suffer from the same disease. They run away from social responsibilities. Both are for even looking for but both are deprived and for even disappointed. In search of their love, attention and care, both are deceived and mocked.

Alas! they are like story souls and all the time, they are at the starting point. No doubt, the present of a bachelor is without future or a past. Unless he tries seriously to change this way of living it remains the same this house is not a house but a place for storing things. Unless he protests against himself and binds himself in the bond of marriage, he will remain a lovely person and available extra man.

A real bachelor can possibly be defined as the man who does not have any hesitation to display his lack of convictions. He always finds himself on the horns of a dilemma and cannot decide what to do. In this vast sea of people, he finds himself alone. He lacks constancy and head fastness.

Problems faced by a bachelor:-

According to the writer, a bachelor is not understood by the society. Different people look at him from different angles. A married man considers him a lucky person who has avoided himself from the troy, of women. A married woman compares him with her husband and finds him handsome and civil. Young girls consider him a possible catch. The other bachelor takes him a rival. People regard him as an extra man present at dinners and parties.

Throughout his life, a bachelor remains in search of an ideal. But his efforts prove to be useless and futile. Loneliness is one of the main problems a bachelor faces. He eats at restaurants and often suffers from indigestion.

According to the writer, a real bachelor avoids the responsibilities of married life that is why; the major problem he faces is sex. This thing creates two kinds of troubles as well as two kinds of bachelors. But inspire of having been different in temperament and behavior, both are deprived and for even disappointed like story souls.

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