The feelings of the people about eclipse

  • what were the feelings of the people  before the eclipse and after the eclipse ?
  • The feelings of the people were awesome about eclipse.The solar eclipse was about to take place just after the dawn. The people of England had gathered at an open place near the Euston railway station in England before the dawn.They had strange feelings about the sun eclipse. Although it was just few seconds yet it has been evoked the emotions of the people The Authoress also went with a large number of people to Stonehenge to observe the solar eclipse,her can be seen in this way, All of them  had traveled from far and wide during the cold night to observe these natural phenomena . It seemed as if they all had come to salute the dawn
  •                    ”   The people had an odd senses     keeping an appointment with the great actor of the world, called the sun.”
  • The sun rose up and marked the trees and the Villages. It’s rays fell on the clouds. For a little while the Sun appeared in full Splendour. But soon the cloud blocked him.The Sun tried to dash through them .A race started between the Sun and the clouds.
  • “The   Flesh and Blood of the world was that only the skeleton was left” .
  • The sun was defeated by the clouds. The shadow grew darker on the moors  .

There was complete darkness all around. There were no colors ,after some time, the sun came out of the clouds   giving birth to the Earth .The Villages railway lines valleys and farm houses once again became visible .

The authoress was pleased to see light and colors once again ,the colors of the earth began to return, the solar eclipse  indicates that the whole fabric of civilization was modeled and moulded. It was then that the authoress  realized that the Earth owes all its beauty and colors to the sun. She had come to his conclusion after her very realistic experience ,she was perfectly justified in her conclusion.
  Inshort,the authoress  rightly remarks that the whole fabric of civilization and modeled .There is no doubt, that  sun is the main source of energy and life on the earth.Without it, life is impossible.

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