THE RICH ARE ABOVE THE LAW From some policemen and immoral

  • From some policeman and moral (essay)
  •   What were the police charge against G.K Chesteron? OR
  • why was he acquitted?

  From some policemen and immoral is  is a light and humorous essay by GK Chesterton.The essay is full of  irony and sarcasm. In “From some policemen and immoral” It shows that the rich are above the law. They can play tricks with law,  defy it and buy it. It is the poor who are   caught, prosecuted and jailed.The rich should not above the law .Law should be equal for all of them who are human beings

 The writer  was idling away his time by throwing knife at a tree trunk in a jungle. In spite of his best efforts, he could not hit the tree. The knife  went right or left missing the target. Silently two policemen appeared they are. They put relevant, irrelevant and absurd questions to the writer. They want him that by throwing a knife at tree, he was committing a crime. He was  damaging the tree.

 ”  I am certainly accused of something which was either an offence or was it not”.

  After a heated discussion for half and hour the policemen came to know that the writer was a journalist. He was staying with a very wealthy and influential family.   the attitude of the policemen changed. They became respectful to the writer.That is all shows that the rich are above of the law and law is just for the poor.The senior Constable even went so far as to say that he was the leader of the writer’s works .

In the beginning they had charged the writer of keeping a knife and damaging a tree with it. They might have wanted to take bribe  from him by blackmailing him. 

” I was let off because I proved I was a guest of a very big house”.

But at the end  they acquitted him off the charge merely because he was a journalist  and all guest of a well-known family.From some policemen and immoral reveals that there is no respect for the poor in the eyes of law but “THE RICH ARE ABOVE THE LAW”


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