The Role of Manolin in The Old Man and the Sea

  • Character of Manolin The Old Man and the Sea
  • Relationship of Santiago and Manolin

Manolin plays a significant role in the novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”. He is second important character after Santiago in ” The Old Man and the Sea’. Hemingway describes the close relationship between the old man and Manolin. Manolin loves Santiago sincerely and selflessly. He is fully trustworthy and devoted disciple of old man. He learns the skills of fishing from Santiago. Manolin says;

                                        “Santiago is the best fisher”


In this novel, ‘ The Old Man and the Sea” the role of Manolin is very clear .Their relation can be assumed by son and father .HE considers him his father and respects him as a father.On the other hand, Santiago also takes him as a son. Both are involve very in love , they cannot live without each other.It can be analyzed by this matter when the old man went to far away in the sea, he daily came his hut and checked out either Santiago had come or not.

Manolin loves Santiago and their relationship seems to be a relationship of son and father. Both are the symbols of good friendship. He takes care of all the needs of the old man at every stage. His love for the old man is natural and spontaneous. So there is a deep personal understanding between them. Manolin has symbolic importance in the story. He is the symbol of Santiago’s youthful strength. He is a source of inspiration for the old man. Santiago says that the boy keeps me alive. Manolin is compelled by his parents to leave Santiago.

                             “It was papa, who made me leave him,

                                         I am a boy I must obey him.”

Although Manolin leaves him yet he has regard and great respect for him. Both Manolin and Santiago take interest in baseball. They discuss different matches. They are also interest in racing and betting on horse. Manolin is a source of help for Santiago. For him relationship is more important. He believes in love, respect and loyalty.

In short, he is an obedient sincere and devoted pupil, so there exist a great attachment between the two characters.At the end of the novel,when Santiago comes without vacant hands , he seems to be very tired and disappointed, it is Manolin who consoles him and says that we will go far out and catch big fish dn’t be bother.It is Manolin who brings some food and shirt and bear for him at the end .The role of Manolin in ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ can be seen whenever the old man feels himself in trouble he calls out God and after it Manolin in this novel.

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