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Monarch Butterfly symbolism| Yellow, white Butterfly symbolism| Butterfly symbolism in Christianity, spiritual and death

In this article we will discuss about Monarch Butterfly symbolism Yellow, white Butterfly symbolism, Butterfly symbolism in Christianity, spiritual, death in details. Butterfly symbolism Butterflies […]

Dickens takes a boat trip paragraph critical analysis

Dickens takes a boat tripFor every gallant ship was riding slowly up and down, and every little boat was splashing noisily in the water; and knots of people stood upon the wharf, gazing with a kind of ‘dread delight’ on the far-famed fast American steamer; and one party of men were ‘taking in the milk,’ or, in other words, getting the cow on board; and another were filling the icehouses to the very throat with fresh provisions; with butchers’-meat and garden-stuff, pale sucking-pigs, calves’ heads in scores, beef, veal, and pork, and poultry out of all proportion; and others were coiling ropes and busy with oakum yarns; and others were lowering heavy packages into the hold; and the purser’s head was barely visible as it loomed in a state, of exquisite perplexity1 from the midst of a vast pile of passengers’ luggage; and there seemed to be nothing going on anywhere, or uppermost in the mind of anybody, but preparations for this mighty voyage.1 – hard to understand1. How is language used in this extract to describe the shipyard? Explain how the writer uses language to convey meanings and to create effect in the paragraph. Choose three examples of words or phrases from the paragraph to support your answer. Your choices should include the use of imagery.

God is Missing

Again I confirmed that how much bigger he is , her answer was same , she further said that ,” I could not explain how is bigger He. He had created all the universe .That was a time You know that God , I had fallen in love with , without seeing you , because mine love creates my own rules , my love has a philosophy that , physical meeting , physical seeing , are not necessity in love .Because love is blind , My love nourished day by day , I had a craze of you , I remembered you all the time , i supposed that you were listing me , I counted yours name on my finger ,