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The Sorrow of Love by W.B yeast Theme

The central theme of the poem The Sorrow of Love by that has been written by W.B yeast is based on the hardships and pain of the love and lover. The poet says the beginning of love is very charm and beautiful. But the ending of the love it is very hard and painful. The poet tells that love is very bad thing. Some people give life for love. They prefer to suicide on the bear of pain. The poet tells that in the beginning of the love we forget to eat, sleep and any activity of the life. We want to only see the beautiful face of our lovers. We wake till late night and count the stars on the sky. We select that all the things those will be on our favor. We feel the face of our lover in our food, books and in the moon. We never forget the beauty of our love at any time at any place,this is is magic of love


n the beginning of the poem which name is mind has been written by RICHARD WILBUR ,the poet summaries the whole poem with comparison with BAT Mind is gorgeous creation of God. Mind is a real God’s gift for us. We can comparison between good and bad by this mind. When we fall in any trouble the mind provides us a right way like a vogue way makes his way in dark cave. According to writer all the inventions of science are the struggle of mind.

Symbolic play the man with a flower in his mouth

The play “The man with the flower in his mouth” is a symbolic and ironical play .And other interpretation makes here as flower grows gradually and weathers away very soon .The writer actually wants to tell us about cancer sharpness reaction on human body .That disease weathers away very quickly to human beings . flower is a symbol of cancer .This play is about a man that suffering by cancer in his mouth. Cancer is very fatal disease.

THE MATTER OF HUSBANDS Ending of the play

The ending of this play “THE MATTER OF HUSBANDS’ is totally perfect. And it is quiet justify the ending of the play .The writer does the ending of this play is very pertness. He finishes all the nonplus of the character of the play. All the characters satisfied to another. All the characters of the play become happy in the end of the play.


The story “THE MINISTER’S BLACK VEIL ” is a symbol of sins. It is a symbolic story.Mr. Hooper is a pastor in a church. One day he comes in church for presidents. He comes to church from his cabin. He wears the black veil. His black veil is a symbol of sins , black veil symbolizes that sins that have been done by the minister’s act who uses all the time on his face. All the women, children and other people feel fear by him. When people ask him to about his mask,so,he says that he is very much irreligious.He had done many bad works in my solitude. Now he has wore the black veil because ” you know that I am bad person” . He uses the black color. His point of view is that black color is represented to evil, hell and crime.


Money is a serious matter for all persons in the universe. But in this story ” THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER” , we can see that money is a huge issue or main theme of this story and for Paul’s family. This story ” THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER THEME” is based on materialism versus pure love .Materialism means is like to money than pure love .All the time is to think about money and worldly pleasure .All the people work till day and night only for money. They get up early in the morning go for earn money. They do not take care of their health but they want only money and more money as like Paul does so, for the love of his mother .He wants to win her heart because he loves very much her .On the other hand, his mother loves money, she wants money rather than his love.


SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY POEM ‘ can be analysed in this sense that the whole poem is base on a woman beauty not physical beauty but also inner-self beauty.According to the poet, one day the poet goes to the party. All the people are busy in dance. But on the other hand, he sees a very beautiful girl who wears the black dress. Her black dress is a contrast between her white face and black dress which makes more beautiful her.