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The Sorrow of Love by W.B yeast Theme

The central theme of the poem The Sorrow of Love by that has been written by W.B yeast is based on the hardships and pain of the love and lover. The poet says the beginning of love is very charm and beautiful. But the ending of the love it is very hard and painful. The poet tells that love is very bad thing. Some people give life for love. They prefer to suicide on the bear of pain. The poet tells that in the beginning of the love we forget to eat, sleep and any activity of the life. We want to only see the beautiful face of our lovers. We wake till late night and count the stars on the sky. We select that all the things those will be on our favor. We feel the face of our lover in our food, books and in the moon. We never forget the beauty of our love at any time at any place,this is is magic of love


n the beginning of the poem which name is mind has been written by RICHARD WILBUR ,the poet summaries the whole poem with comparison with BAT Mind is gorgeous creation of God. Mind is a real God’s gift for us. We can comparison between good and bad by this mind. When we fall in any trouble the mind provides us a right way like a vogue way makes his way in dark cave. According to writer all the inventions of science are the struggle of mind.


SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY POEM ‘ can be analysed in this sense that the whole poem is base on a woman beauty not physical beauty but also inner-self beauty.According to the poet, one day the poet goes to the party. All the people are busy in dance. But on the other hand, he sees a very beautiful girl who wears the black dress. Her black dress is a contrast between her white face and black dress which makes more beautiful her.

Critical Analysis of the poem Hope

Critical Analysis of the poem “Hope” which has been written by Emily Bronte will help out in understanding of poetess philosophy about hope. In this poem the poetess explains us her point of view about hope. She says that hope is a fair weather friend. All the poets have positive thinking about hope but she has narrow or negative point of view about hope. Her choices that hope make us weak. We cannot do in practical life but we depend on the hope. On the other side, hope can’t help us in every moment of life.


The poem Solitude reveals profound theme in itself which has been written by ELLA WHEELER WILCOX.As we know that its title is “Solitude” represents thematic significance.Solitude means loneliness and it is hard reality of life is that a man has to live alone and die alone.It is bony reality of life. In this poem, the Poetess reveals a real face of the people. This poem is a great satire on us. The Poetess points out a social evil. We cannot decline that that the Poetess says to us in this poem. We should think deeply about this poem.

Still “I Rise Poem” Meaning

The meaning of “still I rise” in poem is that “I am awaking”. I am not sleeping. In this poem the word “still I rise” has a great history. The poetess belongs to a black Negros. She is a great poetess and a dancer of America.The meaning of Still i rise poem is that the poetess never minds about her opponents rather she is very optimistic about her resolutions as well will power. Although she is very upset from haughty behavior of the white people about her women and men yet she is happy by that she is right hand for them.she is hope against of hope of them.