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The story “THE MINISTER’S BLACK VEIL ” is a symbol of sins. It is a symbolic story.Mr. Hooper is a pastor in a church. One day he comes in church for presidents. He comes to church from his cabin. He wears the black veil. His black veil is a symbol of sins , black veil symbolizes that sins that have been done by the minister’s act who uses all the time on his face. All the women, children and other people feel fear by him. When people ask him to about his mask,so,he says that he is very much irreligious.He had done many bad works in my solitude. Now he has wore the black veil because ” you know that I am bad person” . He uses the black color. His point of view is that black color is represented to evil, hell and crime.


Money is a serious matter for all persons in the universe. But in this story ” THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER” , we can see that money is a huge issue or main theme of this story and for Paul’s family. This story ” THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER THEME” is based on materialism versus pure love .Materialism means is like to money than pure love .All the time is to think about money and worldly pleasure .All the people work till day and night only for money. They get up early in the morning go for earn money. They do not take care of their health but they want only money and more money as like Paul does so, for the love of his mother .He wants to win her heart because he loves very much her .On the other hand, his mother loves money, she wants money rather than his love.


Ans:-Mark Twain is an American writer that famous for humorous and pathetic stories. He has studied the human nature very closely. IN ‘A DOG’S TALE THEME OR MORAL LESSON ‘the writer reveals that men are very ruthless, selfish and injustice. We take restorative behavior to other. We adopt ruthless attitude with animals. We kill animals for our enjoyment. In the childhood we kill to small insects and feel happiness.

In this story A DOG’S TALE THEME OR MORAL LESSON can be seen that when the writer tells us about the problems of animals. Some animals take care of us. But when animals  mistake in  very little manner ,we beat them very badly.Indeed, we are inferior to animals .


This story has a great satire on upper class society of 19th century. All the people are busy in new-year celebration.They have no feelings about poor and hunger people. Every person becomes happy,each and every one is busy in new year “THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL MORAL LESSON’ gives a moral lesson that we should take care of the poor people.On the contrary, the rich people are disappear from their moral duty in “The story “ The Little match girl”.The poor people are dying with hunger and coldness. They have no food for eating and have no clothes in coldest weather.


The story “After twenty years’’ is very impressive story.It teaches us that we should remain faithful and clean heart with our profession,either the conditions are against of us .The main theme is that duty versus relation,duty controls over all the situation in this story “AFTER TWENTY YEARS” which has been written by O Henry The moral lesson is that we should pay our duty with full honesty and peaceful. Those nations do not their work with full honesty,they become destroy very soon

The Last Lesson Short Story THEME

In this story the writer tells us about the importance of language and it is theme of the story “The Last Lesson”.He selects that if we become a strong nation then we should love our national language. Language is the key of success.Those nations do not love their language they become vanish out soon. We should respect our language by our heart. Language gives us the way to freedom. We should adopt our language for the betterment of our future as well as nation.

Philosophy of The Two Brothers

We will learn in the two brothers story,they have different philosophies about life. And they are awarded by various things. We should take risks in our life;if we want some extra ordinary in our life . It is philosophy of the brother If we can’t struggle in our life then, we never get victory or that we want at all.Two have different type philosophy in their lives . Both brothers are incompatible in their decisions as well as in outlooks .Their conception is totally different from each other.”Philosophy of The Two Brothers” can be differentiated that they are separate souls .