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Lets starts the summary of the WHEN I HAVE FEARS”POEM, it is very beautiful poem John Keats that suggests his personal life, we read this poem summary we find out that he has so many problems in his that re discussed in this poem.In this poem,”WHEN I HAVE FEARS” there are several themes,which are fear of death,fear of loss,theme of temporary of life,love and beauty,theme of short lived.But the most prominent theme is that fear of death,it runs throughout the poem.The poet has a great fear about his death.He becomes very upset,when he knows that his life is too short he cannot live any more due to serious disease.

Leisure Poem Critical Summary

The central idea of the poem is modern man’s forgetfulness of the aesthetic aspect of life. In this poem,” Leisure’the poet tells us We must forget the worries and dares of the life, at least for some time, and relish the beauty and charms of natural objects. We can derive pleasure from ordinary objects like trees, plants, streams and stars. We can experience the ecstasy of the highest degree if we spare time to dance with beauty and drink from her eyes. The poet has created a magical effect by personifying beauty. Those who have time to turn at beauty’s glance enjoy the richness and variety of life. We miss the delights of gazing at green boughs, shining stars at night, flowing streams in the daylight and watching squirrels hiding nuts in the grass. The poet has very successfully taught us a moral lesson. The language is affecting, rhythmic and lyrical. The poem is simple but thought provoking .Above discussion suggests Critical Summary of Leisure Poem.

The Rebel Critical Summary

The Rebel Critical Summary suggests that the poet is in favour of rebels .These are rebels who life colourful and enjoyable otherwise life will become dull and drub .it is very good we have rebels .The poet has drawn a humorous portrait of a rebel. It is meant to be funny, amusing and comical. The rebel is merely a social oddity and poses no serious threat to society. He is not fighting against or refusing to serve the established government. He is not resisting authority or control. The rebel is merely trying to be different in some minor ways from the general current of the time.”Elements of Humor and Satire in Rebel” is very much. He just wants to be different from the crowd. It is his own way individualistic way of appealing to society to grant him recognition. He is perhaps passing through a period of transition of adolescence when he is self-conscious and is worried about other people’s opinions of reactions


William Shakespeare is the universal writer of English literature. He himself was an actor and took part in many of the stage dramas of his time. His approach and observations are very sharp and sound. In this poem “SEVEN STAGE IN ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE”, he has presented the seven ages of man’s life which are so real and believable that no one can refute them. According to him man has the following seven stages. Now , we will discuss about the summary of ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE


But after it the hero becomes to Zero in the eyes of the people Dramatic monologue is actually a form of poetry where in a single character speaks in a mood of severe passion and emotion and with help of it we will see the summary of the poem “PATRIOT INTO TRAITOR”.Yes ,there is no doubt about the truth of the statement in the question that the situation in the poem is just like the political situations in the Asian countries. A here and leader is celebrated with a lot of love and enthusiasm. It is clear from the following line of the poem.Asian people or Asian countries situation almost prove to be very cruel when a leader takes off his position,same is the case can be seen in“Patriot into traitor “Political Conditions in all Asian countries in is same as in Patriot into traitor poem just they have different name but their system are same

Theme of the story The Happy Prince

The theme of the story “The Happy Prince’ is about sacrifice and real pleasure in human life. The rules of the a country and the rich people live far away from the common people. There lives are full of common people. The sub- ordinates always praise and use oily tongue to convince their rules. The writer has pointed it out very beautifully with the help of the attitudes of the Mayer of the city and his Councillors. See the following lines about their blind obedience.