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Theme of the story The Happy Prince

The theme of the story “The Happy Prince’ is about sacrifice and real pleasure in human life. The rules of the a country and the rich people live far away from the common people. There lives are full of common people. The sub- ordinates always praise and use oily tongue to convince their rules. The writer has pointed it out very beautifully with the help of the attitudes of the Mayer of the city and his Councillors. See the following lines about their blind obedience.

Irony and Satire in The Happy Prince

The story The Happy Prince is a house of irony and satire. Oscar Wilde’s stories usually fill full with irony and satire, for instance we find out irony and satire on upper class in “The Little Match Girl” short story “.This story has a great satire on upper class society of 19th century. All the people are busy in new-year celebration.They have no feelings about poor and hunger people. Every person becomes happy,each and every one is busy in new year “THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL MORAL LESSON’ gives a moral lesson that we should take care of the poor people.On the contrary, the rich people are disappear from their moral duty in “The story “ The Little match girl”.The poor people are dying with hunger and coldness. They have no food for eating and have no clothes in coldest weather.


The story,” The Tell-Tale Heart “Is about the murder of an old man. It was the narrator who killed the old man. He tells us that he killed the man for a very specific reason, that he dislikes his vulture-like eye .There was no personal enmity between them. He had no material consideration. The old man never wronged him. both lived in the same building.”
Objective there was none, passion there was none. he loved the old man he had never wronged me he has never given me any insult.for his gold, I had no desire. “He tells us that he killed the mad because one of the eye of the old man resemble the eye of a vulture.