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John Proctor Character, Critical Analysis Character Sketch The Crucible play

John Proctor ‘s role is very obvious in this The Crucible , he is leading character of the of play , he is dealt by psychological way , indeed he is tragic hero in some extent . He is blend of evil and virtuous, actually Miller wants to break the old norm that the hero must be vitreous , he follows actually Raymond William who proclaims that a bad person also can create pity and fear in us , it is not necessity that a hero must be noble and virtuous , he just be human being first and that is all, there is no difference either he is good or bad in his nature . As we know that in “The Crucible play” John Proctor does not show up as pure Christian , he does not attend church regularly , even though he does not remember the commandments of the church that is why he is seen to be suspension character in this play by the church authority , they take him he is linked with Satan’s party and his soul has been captured by him.


According to Aristotle ‘s point of view tragedy is a form of action is not narrative ,narration usually takes place in ‘Epic’, it should be acted not narrated .A tragedy revolves around one main issue ,it creates pity and fear and by pity and fear a man passes through prosperity to adversity catharsis. When a tragedy takes place then the whole system disturbs by him , the whole country or the whole society ruins by his tragedy .As in Oedipus Rex we see that by cause of his tragedy his family , his country men all were effected by his tragedy. But As we know that ‘MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA is a MODERN TRAGEDY’ in which all the members of family pass through sufferings but their sufferings and tragedy do not effect any one except them.