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Doctor Faustus as a Renaissance Play

No doubt about that Doctor Faustus is a Renaissance Play and can be taken as a Renaissance Play because we find out all ingredients in this play that are presents in Renaissance age . It was an age of change, exploration, new learning, revival of GREEK MYTHOLOG, the people were going towards science and religion was going to down some extent or more the religion was a huge obstacle on the path of the progresses well as human ‘s progress

Iago character in Othello

A name comes on the tongues which surprises us , that has not been in any one except Shakespearea’s character in Othello and he is Iago. His office is evil and his job spread anrachy, his upmost duty is to break the peace in domestic life. I suggest that he is confirmed accepted pray of Satan, Satan mighty be prayed to God “Bestowed me with little child who follow me” and he is created in this universe. Iago is the most notorious character in entire literature. Iago’s character is a villain, but he has achieved so much fame that he has acquired more importance than hero in this play Othello, but since this character has been created, a lot of questions have arisen about him. Within this drama, he is still not clear and cannot be done. What is the

Female Characters in Importance of Being Earnest

As far as Oscar Wilde is concerned he is a man of great not only for writing drama but also for delineated characters. In Importance of being Earnest there are four female that are totally different one another ,they have different personalities.But Oscar Wilde creates these female characters very minutely as well as artistically. It is said that Oscar Wilde does not deal with characters psychological but apparently .He makes his characters only on surface level, he always forgets to paint his characters by inner self or we may be say that he has lack of knowledge about human’s nature or mankind’s insight.