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The Summoner Character in Canterbury TALES

Actually summoner is a man who is linked with church court, in Chaucer’s time which is called medieval age church had a powerful institution that made law and regulations. In church court the summoner calls out the siner , this is his duty but duty is only veil on him but real thing is for him the bribery that he takes by siner in favour in their cases The summoner is a ecclesiastical character in Canterbury Tales the religion can be seen by this character, we are not spurring having seen the corrupt conduct of the summoner, the summoner makes bribery from criminals and siners and gives favour to them, but in this era people had faith on religion and attended the church regularly having known the church officials were corrupt and had worldly mind. The summoner character in Canterbury Tales is treated with satirical way, by Chaucer unveils the the corrupt mask of the religion, his character is no more than a satire on religion. In fact he is cheater and exploits to the poor people in church as well as outside the church. In Chaucer’s time the church was a powerful institution as well as medium of speech.