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Darcy is the main character of this novel that will tell us every human is an effigy of error in this world.And he realizes his mistake when he sees himself with the eyes of others ,a man cannot reach reality until he sees himself with his own eyes, eventhough, we ( readers) also have been misleaded when we see him through the eyes of Elizabeth. His character is not a complete but tells us a lot of complete things. Initially, we get Darcy’s character is very vivid in this novel “pride and Prejudice”.The name Darcy achieves the most fame in “Pride and Prejudice”.He is Very complex character of this novel who is not understood by the common man,he changes with circumstances.Not only he wins the heart of the heroine but also the readers.Sometimes he is treated as a lover, sometimes he is a brother But in his character he plays very significant role.Darcy is a character that draws our attention towards human’s error as well as arrogant Mr. Darcy is a very proud person .Who lives for himself and only for himself in starting of the novel. But it turns out to be wrong later comes to us as a real hero .His first impression was actually that he is an arrogant, arrogant type of person When Elizabeth is insulted by him.But that mistake is rectified later.At the beginning of the novel, he gives the impression that she is not a beautiful girl and incapable.When he refuses to dance with her,she is very much hurted by this act of him.And this is case of bone of contention. Everyone presents at the dance party considers him arrogant because he leaves a very bad impression on ball party,he keeps himself reserve,it is considered he is present merely compulsion.His behaviour clearly indicates that he has accepted that there is all unworthy and not able for him.Where he labels on him as a proudy man till the end he remains like that
As the novel progresses, so change in Darcy’s character comes up.His character changes with the passage of time he emerges as a mature person.He also removes his shortcomings and also changes his point of view towards Elizabeth.As before people are getting to know him as a villain, yet when people see him in this form, as a stupid person then we all get shocked.Now his character translates himself by his actions either good or bad.Elizabeth Bennet now becomes just satisfied because she also starting think about without prejudiced outlook.This same person emerges nobal man into bad one.
Mr. Vikram who has been blamed at him that blames have been removed some extent now.The first time Elizabeth sees to Darcy so closely that she finds him a totally changed person ,may be her dream boy .Howevere,it would be so ,because she unveils her prejudice from her eyes and sees him by realistic approach this kind of approach the author suggest us at all.Whether or not Darcy is an arrogant man,Elizabeth knows that when she gets him in his estate that is called Pamberly where he is considered that a man of humble and serves for people.All the people of Pamberly estate respect very much him .A real Darcy emergs us in this situation otherwise we are bound to see that only the eyes of Elizabeth .