Angel Clare Character +Critical Analysis+ Character Sketch

Angel Clare Character, Critical Analysis, Character Sketch by Thomas Hardy

Angel Clare Character Critical Analysis and Character Sketch inform us Thomas Hardy art of characterization, he is lively character. There is no doubt that Angel Clare is the most important and fabulous character of this novel. He plays a very important  role in this novel. This Character  goes further and causes a lot of damage to this novel heroin Tess. Angel was considered to be Angel by her but he turned out to be “Night Mare” for her. He leaves her lonely and goes away and he does not even ask about her. He is fond of strange kind of morality. As we know, this type of human being often causes great harm to other people because people often cannot complete their desires. And we also see in this novel  he does a lot of damage to Tess because his dream does not come true. We have a double farmer’s party inside us. We can say that double standard is a policy keeping farm. We get to know that he was not even virgin before marriage, but still when he hears that Tess is not virgin he leaves her alone and does not even take her news. It was right or wrong to leave her ,Tess like this, the writer himself could not get it done in the novel but we know to an extent that Angel is not a good character for Tess. Because he too did the same thing that Alec did after leaving her, but he got more stone than Alec.

Critical analysis of the Angel Clare Character by Thomas Hardy

Angel Clare was an intelligent gallant who wants to preserve his reputation. He did not put his interest in the ideas that his parents had suggested for him. He was intended to do greater things in store. He has acted against the Family standards. His father has selected for him the profession of the ministry. Angel Clare selected a profession against his father will. He wanted to become a farmer. He has learnt about his profession from his school background. He learnt about his skills from his experience of life. He pursues his business as a farmer in the English countryside. He rejects the common notion of the people about farming. The common inhabitants of the rural area considered it as a ‘’Hodge’’ but he adopts the new idea as ‘’ the pitiable dummy’’. He uses to portray this notion in the contemporary newspaper.

His education about farming

Angel tries to educate himself as a better famer. He went to Talbothays to learn the basic skills about farming. He enters there in the very start of the novel. He woks there in order to get benefits from his skills of farming.

His struggles to educate Tess

He has inclined towards Tess to help her in order to reform her personality. She was an uneducated poor girl. Angel wants to get her sympathy by helping her in different ways. He used to manage a tutor of history and other subject which she wants to select for further proceedings. She refuses to accept the offer from his side. But he quickly falls in love with the Tess as she was a young and fresh girl. He was looking for a young, sincere girl who can manage well all the task offered by him at his farm. He was anxious about the tenderness of his farm.

His choice of TESS as a care taker of his farm

In order to remain closer to Tess he hires her as a care taker of her farm. His choice of Tess seems to be quite justified. He acts against the will of his parents. They have chosen the Mercy Chant for the take care of their farm. They wanted to see that girl as her bride and mistress. But he does not give consent to the approval by his parents. He wants a lady that can share his burden and duties as a farmer. He wants a wife that can fit herself in the concerned environment. He has chosen the Tess against the will of his family and parents. Above discussion shows Angel Clare character sketch and his traits.

Angel opposes his family prestige

The character sketch of Angel Clare is soul of the novel. Angel Clare seems to be acting in the particular way. He does not follow the old customs and traditions of his families. Tess was afraid to know about the status and views of his family. She thinks that her future will be in danger if the Angel will know about her family prestige. But he does not ponder over her family status when he learns that about her family status and poor position.

He seems to be an ideal lover

He does not think about the family background. He has own ideas about the love and marriage. He does not want to leave her at any cost. He loves her because of her beauty and truth. He went abroad on knowing that she was seduced by the Alice. But later on he realizes about his misjudgment. He came to rescue her when he hears about her bitter condition.

Angel Clare also has a past like the young Tess

Angel Clare used to commit a sin in the London but he seems to forget about that in the later part of his life. When Tess tells her about her own adultery and seduction he became angry and gives her punishment and went to abroad. He left her alone in that town. But he forgets completely about his relationship with the woman in the London. This indicates that he has also a flaw in his character that he misjudged in both tales. He rejects to accept the Tess as her wife.

Impulsive and quick in his decisions

He seems to be inappropriate in his dealings and affairs. He does not think over the complexity of the matters and soon tries to react over it. He does not seem rational in his dealing and decisions. He makes the decisions prompted by his desires not by his reasons. He quickly falls in loves with the Tess without knowing about his past and about his family background. This leads toward the tragedy of the Tess. He soon intends to o to Brazil in order to punish the Tess and then to South America from there. This was the result of his impulsive behavior which leads him to repent on his bad behavior. He seems to have regretting on the loss of future with the Mercy Chant. He seeks pardon from the Tess when he realizes about his error of judgment.                           

He asks from her that, ‘’Tess can you forgive me for going away?

But he seems to be making decisions like the ordinary folk of the community. He is intended to take care of Tess throughout the life but he went abroad against his decisions.

Angel Clare is agnostic man

Hardy gives his philosophy of agnosticism through the character of the Angel Clare. He rejects the formal norms and traditions of the society. He seems to be building the new traditions in the society. He exercises his free will in every aspect of his life. He adopts the profession of farming and Marries Tess against the will of his parents.

Angel Clare character as a free thinker in religious affairs

Angel Clare opposes the former religious norms and traditions. He sets the new beliefs and traditions according to his own thinking. He could be regarded as deist because he considered God as creative and living force but on the other hand he was not ready to accept the formal religious laws and codes. He would never prefer orthodoxy as a foremost choice for. He would choose certain rites and rituals according to his own set of beliefs. Thus, Angel Clare Character, Critical Analysis and Character Sketch is mouth speak miracle of Thomas Hardy.

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