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Who is Godot  in Waiting for Godot:-

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett is an extremely  interesting play also because of the character who does not happen to be there in the play. Godot is the most and ambiguous  and the most controversial of character in English literature.  It is  also because Beckett himself when asked  , declined to explain this character, saying, that he himself did not know who Godot was. Now the writer should not be taken literally,  a saner approach would be to  assume that  Beckett deliberately avoided explaining Godot  with a view to increasing  the appeal of the character . Critics have been racking their brains since then to come out  with plausible  interpretation. It has been a part of human psyche to expect a super being  to come and solve their problems.  man has always looked for a Massiah. Always is important. It has been  suggested  that Godot is diminutive form of God .Godot ,therefore ,may suggests of allude to the intervention of a super human being. But it if  Godot is a diminutive, it may employ that the almighty is  not potent  enough to solve men’s problems are help him rid himself out of his misery. The word Godot. May have thus been used it ironically. 


We may not be very sure who Godot is , just as Beckett himself is not. Beckett make have  meant to make  us focus our attention more on man Act of waiting. Waiting for Godot is in fact a play on the theme  of waiting. Beckett in fact means to emphasize waiting is an   essential aspect of human condition. His interest, therefore, may not be so much in the character of guard or as, it would seem to be, in  picturing Waiting. By so doing the  playwright has been able to delineate man’s importance , ignorance and boredom. Estragon and Vladimir that two tramps do not seem to have much to do with the Civilized world.  But, then this is   Beckett’s vision of Life. Man being extremely in  because vision of life man being extremely incapacitated ,dwelling  in square existing in the world with dangling Limbs trying to make much meaning of his own existence and the horrible white around. That is why Estragon and Vladimir cannot tell much about god or they are not sure even sure whether they are waiting at the right place at the right time. Their ignorance actually refers to their lake of essential knowledge to solve their problems. They look befuddled and important. And all they do is to try and talk but even this communication breakdown very frequently in indicating ,there in Inability to even communicate .The result is Boredom of which result in aimless repetition of words that have already been uttered ,or  gestures that have already been made .It can thus be said, perhaps without fear of the contradiction that Beckett has been able to put waiting on the stage the purpose, therefor men, not have been to make the spectators or the  readers speculate who Godot to is it may have on the contrary been to make us  ‘see ‘ waiting Thus Godot Enigma.

Some maintain that God or maybe Godot. They do so because the French title of the play En Attendant got. This title contains and illusion to a book  called Attente de Diew  which supplies further  evidence that Godot  stands for God. Balzak in his play Mercadet uses the word Godeou for a character. This character in his play is also eagerly awaited in the belief that his will Miraculously save the situation .We can, therefore , say that packet is chasing on a streak in human psyche and that is to expect some super creature or go to come and alleviated the suffering Godot,  therefore ,implies this meaning  God or a Superhuman creature. That tramps are also waiting hoping that God  will bring them peace and food .Poor soul! they are waiting for him who never comes .Godot as a already  mentioned  dominates the  though the he never appears on the stage. The tramps do not even remember his exact bearing . Nor is the boy capable of describing God satisfactorily .The picture that we form of Godot thus remains ambiguous gas and murky .
Another picture of God that emerges from our reading of waiting for Godot is of a God who can exercise authority and is all powerful .He can punish and reward ,he favours ‘The Goat heard’ and punishes the boy who tends  the sheep.The tramps are afraid of him ;GODOT will punish them if they do not wait such traits of Godot reminds us of the testament will punish them if they do not paid search rates of gold or remind us of the god of the old ‘Testament. God punishes the Shepherd boy favours the goat herd evoking the picture of Jehova who discriminated between Cain and Abel again Christians are waiting for the son of God who will come and redeem them .The people have been waiting and waiting for the second coming of Christ .Godot may be there for employ cynical comment on man’s obligation to have to wait. The boy tells us that god does nothing still the tramps  are waiting for him. Man himself is not capable of solving his problems and has to rely on him who is not likely to come. Godot thus be comes an empty promise in a meaningless world .Godot whose ever or whatsoever he maybe is bent upon keeping his dependents unaware of their reality of their situation.The boy messenger does not know whether he is happy or not .At one stage  he even seems to forget what colour Godot had is. The boy is uncertain ,some what similar is plight of man .Godot is to rescue the tramps  but god is also keeping them unconscious of their on identity and of the Identity of things around them .Godot demands obedience thoughts .Beckett some maintain actually means regression from all civilized tradition into a condition where consciousness sink into an earlier stage of development.

Some says God of stand for death some maintain it stand for silence .it stand for death because the tramps  will have  hang themselves the next day. It stands for silence because the tramps have to speak while waiting for it in order to have the right to be still at last. What appeals the most is the explanation that man is waiting for a better social order ,man is waiting for the day when all be availed themselves of all available opportunities this is human psyche, this is human need ,waiting for Godot is not a simple portrayal of waiting it is not the description of waiting ,we all have to do for a guest are a visitor on event .Waiting for Godot we should remember is a picture of Beckett’s vision of life. Godot has got to be interpreted keeping this in mind.

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