Critical Summary of the play The Boy comes home

  • The Boy comes home ( By.A.A Milne)
  • 1: A light comedy?
  • 2 :Conflict between Philip and James?
  • 3:Character contrast?

 Critical summary “The Boy comes home “:-

In this topic , we will discuss” Critical Summary of the play The Boy comes home “The author very well summaries the play” The Boy comes home ” with starting to till ending.
The Boy comes home is a light comedy in which the hero Philip defeats his strong uncle. The play moves around a conflict between Philip and Uncle James  . both are different in their temperament. Philip stands for Young Generation while James stands for  authoritative values. Phillips has charming and determination personality. He is also courageous and undaunated   he has four years experience of War  . He gets up late for breakfast and does not follow any principle of discipline. James has   authoritative  and dictatorial  nature.

He is a strict disciplinarian,he asks Philip to follow the discipline of the house and do  accordingly.  Philips demands some money from his uncle, which his father has left  . When James refused to give him money, Phillips  takes out bomb from his pocket  Phillip says

  We used force to put down force.”
”   but revolvers often go off accidentally”

“We will rehearse  and enjoy it every day.”

On this James agrees to give him money. This is all, which takes place in Jame”s dream.
  At the end of the dream scene, “James what is it a dream or was it not? “He will never be quite certain “
He accepts Phillip”s demand and Phillip also agrees to join his uncle’s business of Jam
  in short,  through dream scene the real personality of James come to Surface. After this he is already changed person. In fact, their conflict is resolved through this dream . So, at the end we can say that it is light comedy as well as summary

  • Dream scene (The  Boy Comes Home” )
  • 1:How is the dispute between Philip and James    resolved or settled?
  • 2: Discuss the importance of the dream scene in” The  Boy comes home”
  • The dream scene in the play,”

The Boy comes home”  has great importance , it is a dream scene that changes the finale of the play . It changes all over the scenario of the play ,without dreams scene we cannot pick up the play as whole.  Dream scene  changes James totally. 
  Philip does not pay attention to his uncle’s advice. He reacts against his uncle’s authoritative and dictatorial nature.  He tells him that he cannot live with him any longer. He demands from him the money which his late father had left for him. James refuses to give him money  until he reaches the age of twenty five. In the dream scene Uncle James threatens him to use the force of the money against him.  upon this, Phillips takes out his revolver to suppresses the force of  money  by the physical Force.

He points the revolver at James. He tells him that , it has killed twenty Germans and it does not matter if it kills and Englishman   (James ). Then he takes out a bomb from his pocket. James is twenty five at this. Philip puts the  bomb into his pocket telling James.

“We will be rehearse and enjoy it every day.” 

At  last , he succeeds in surprising the under authority of James. He at once decided not to terrify  him any longer. Finally ,he   declares that he is willing to join his jam business .
At the end of the dream   James is bewildered. Upon this, James feels relief.

He offers Philip a post in the management of his business of jam.  James says about his dream, he will never be quite certain about it(dream).
here the play come to an end  . “was it a dream, or wasn’t it ? “

In short, the dream scene makes the play interesting. In short, through dreams in the real personality of James come to  surface.
After this he is already changed person. In fact, their conflict is resolved through this dream. This is an and about Critical Summary of the play The Boy comes home

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