cruel and remorseless fate.

  • The poet draws out attention to a tragic fact of life…
  • The huntsman becomes the hunted…The prey to cruel remorseless fate. Discuss.

It is true the poet has drawn attention towards a tragic fact of life in the poem. In the poem a huntsman becomes the hunted in the hand of cruel fate. Kagwa was the huntsman. He used to hunt lion and other wild beasts. He becomes the victim of his own fate. Although, he was very brave yet he was helpless before his cruel and remorseless fate.Here the writer wants to tell us that sometimes a hunter may prey by cruel and remorseless fate.

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Man is so strong but fate is even stronger. It is right that “Man proposes God disposes”. Kagwa went into the jungle and found a talking skull as we read from the poem.

But it was the fate of Kagwa that he could not understand the real meanings of the sentences. He could not understand that “Speech is silver but silence is gold”. The king said;

                                                “Two of you go with him

                                                And find the talking skull

                                                     But if his tale is a lie

                                            And the skull speaks no word

                                             This Kagwa himself must die”

Unfortunately his fate was against him. He went into the forest again with great difficulty. They found the skull. But when Kagwa said to it to speak, it did not speak. Again the king ordered Kagwa;

                                                        “Kneel down

                                    They killed him with sword and spear”

After the killing of Kagwa the skull spoke again it was his cruel fate, which did not allow the skull to speak. But after the death of Kagwa, the skull spoke out;

                                      “Then the skull opened its mouth

                                    Huntsman, how did you come here?”

But his cruel fate has done the remorseless act. And Kagwa was dead silent, as he was the prey to his cruel and remorseless fate.

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