God is Missing

It was a time , when I was only 4 years old , when I lied under open sky , I saw a moon on the sky , I asked to mine mother who creates the moon mine “Mother’ told me that moon had been by God, that same time , I was surprised who is God , then I also asked to by Mother, either God is bigger than that the moon , she said ‘Yes’ I further asked how much bigger He is.Is He bigger than that the sky , she answered ‘YES’ my son. Again I confirmed that how much bigger he is , her answer was same , she further said that ,” I could not explain how is bigger He. He had created all the universe .That was a time You know that God , I had fallen in love with , without seeing you , because mine love creates my own rules , my love has a philosophy that , physical meeting , physical seeing , are not necessity in love .Because love is blind , My love nourished day by day , I had a craze of you , I remembered you all the time , i supposed that you were listing me , I counted yours name on my finger , I know God is missing by me.

My love was not simple and imagery , it was a pure love , you knew that a child never could be a fake love . You knew that I was a child but my love love was a mature one , it (love) was not momentary, it was base on reality .But a time came You were missing by me ,you slowly became far away by me . When I said’ my God is missing’. How did you miss God? My love was like lover and beloved , I was upset and intense all the time , when you called me for conversation , for your one sight , I disturbed the whole night , whom did jealous by us or by love? your’s open claiming of love for me brought up our separation ,i guessed . Either it is Satan or Angels party or mine Inner self .

How much was precious time , when we lived together on the Alam – e- Brazah( where all the souls live there).Why did you send me on the Earth? I know that very well, separation is sign of “Pure Love ” but you don’t know how i can live without you, yours missing may be , is not big thing , or strange thing for a layman . I know you often become missed by men , your’s (God)missing for men is not disaster , but question is that now you are considering me like a common man in His eyes. Now , either, I have lost mine importance before yours eyes .You once a time , you lived in me , you passed through in my breath , name was a prayer for me , I all the time got ready for dispute if any one called bad name of you .But time has changed , i has lost my importance .

How am I mad ?Some people ask to me , whenever , he replied you ?Then, I become keep quiet .Because they consider me “I am mad but I am not” they are ignorant , they do not know one sided love is more valuable than fill ful. They cannot understand the pain of love , how many twist in crying for his / her lover .LOVE is a duty in which carelessness is not amendable, I do this duty and i will this as like without salary person. I know my lover give at the end of day salary plus bonus,but you know that i do not love for salary , i love for love . Oh Beloved God now , I also love you as a 4 years child .Please take in a lap I just want to sleep in your Arms , I want to see myself by your eyes. I listen that you are too beautiful, I want to take enjoyment by your beauty.You know that i have no much more God , I have only you. I am waiting for you in open path with waiting eyes. please come and fill full me , i am half with out you , please do fill full me.Please come and hold me in your hands , i want to be mad in your love , please make me mad , i do not come into conscious ,i want to remain in madness of your love.

I know God is missing by me . But mine love is not missing , it is live and alive , it has been become young , and you know young love usually happens to emotional, My emotions are in peak , my love has been ripen . i know my love GOD is missing.

I know your are missing by me but i still love you , i am not change yet but Satan has been entered our love.

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