Gulliver’s Travels Part 4

Gulliver’s Travels Part 4 His encounters a strange smelling world in this part those are known by yahoos They kept hair on their bodies and they had no tails but looked like animals. Used to own strong claws and would get separated very soon When the Gulliver saw them, he was surprised because till today he had never seen such animals. When one of them approached towards Gulliver, he was very scared this time and forced to push him back with his sword. After that the animals mutually  started to howlings gathered together .Gulliver took over his revision and started fighting them. After this, they were forced to run away and after climbing the trees, they started urinating on Gulliver and dispersed from their position. After this, Gulliver saw a horse coming towards him He then saw another horse coming and And both of them bathed among themselves and started doing some chat with each other, it seemed as if the subject of their secret was from of Gulliver. How did the horses shoot the big umbrella with Gulliver in a very good way and talked with him that this people is probably very much a festival which keeps some of this kind .And the people of this area have a lot of wisdom and humor .Gulliver offered his bracelet and knife to the horses with the hint that he would give them a promise So that they would take him to habitstion but the horses refused to take him.He noticed that a love was being heard repeatedly from the horses (Yahoos) , or that he tried to talk to them by repeating the same words again and again.

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