Harlem Renaissance, poets, writers

Harlem Renaissance poets, writers

The Harlem Renaissance was characterized by intellectual and cultural revival. This includes the fields of dance, art, fashion, literature and theater. It consisted of the revival of African American music. Harlem Renaissance was progress towards the creation of art. If we are supposed to discuss the essential movements regarding the poets we have to take a brief outlook about the Harlem Renaissance in order to strengthen our stance. Many factors contributed to starting the movement. People were not having the proper opportunities for social prosperity and economical stability. The condition prevailing in that era was so unjustified and unreasonable for the lives of African- Americans. The writers and poets of Harlem Renaissance era tried to interpret their personal experiences in their literary works
Origin of the Harlem Renaissance
In the early 20th century thousands of black people were forced to migrate from the South into the dense urban areas. These urban areas provided them a lot of opportunities for urbanization and industrialization. Alain Locke sees the progress of the era as; ‘’a spiritual coming of age’’. For the first time, they were provided with a way to express their desires and determination. Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, and Georgia Johnson have written about the life and experiences of black people. They tried to explore the nature and beauty of black people.
Diversity of forms and subjects
Harlem renaissance poets and writers wrote lyrical poetry in order to glorify the life of black people. Their subject was not common for writing poems. They treated the one subject in different ways in order to distinguish the work from the other poets. Claude McKay employed the sonnet as the medium of expressing his ideas. He was versatile in portraying his ideas. He used several cultural forms in order to depict his creation. He used European forms and cultural ideas to treat his subject in a naturalistic way. He tried to interpret the message regarding the life of these black people. The people were working in the rules of resistance. It was against the white people who were not providing them proper rights of the living. He tried to voice his ideas through his radical poems. He tries to bring revolutionary ideas into the history of poetical work. he presents the ideas with rigorous force and style as in ‘’if We Must Die’’.
Rhythms of ragtime, jazz and blues
The poets such as LANGSTON HUGHES and James Weldon Johnson give a specific value to the music and creation provided by the black people. They treated these creations as a subject for their poems. All these came to influence the writers from the African background. In the 192o’s the work of art was greatly influenced by the Culture of AFRICAN-AMERICAN people. The base provided for this influence was from the ‘’New Negro Movement.’’ It was later identified as the Harlem Renaissance. The music Jazz was criticized and admired at the same time by the authors and the poets. It was not promoted by the African- Americans but the white people took a step to imitate the art. There was no check on the growing influence of Jazz music all over the European countries.
Literary aspects of the Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance was the most influential movement because of the literary trends employed by the writers and poets. In their poems, they tried to free the black people from Victorian values and trends. They opened a way to new sorts of morality and values. The movement shows his close link to the civil rights movement. The movement served as an open gate for literary writers, poets, and artists. These writers tried to interpret the status and life of black neglected people.
Luminaries of Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes has written mainly about the life of the African-American people. He was a great champion of poetic style since his childhood. He has developed a new king of African- American literature in order to reshape their lives and culture for the better attainment of life. His work exists as the race pride among black people. It was stated for him that; ‘’he is our poet laureate, our Shakespearean Harlem, our negro man of letters’’. He has voiced his true love for black people through his poetry. He wrote about black people in the ‘’cover of selected poems’’.
James Weldon Johnson
He was identified as a poet a civil rights leader for the rights of black people. He imparted a new kind of realism to black African-American literature. His remarkable works are God’s Trombones and the autobiography of an ex-colored man. His studies based on the understanding of Black poetry and music. He created a new spirit to African-American poetry. He was the author of many remarkable poetry collections regarding black culture and literature which made him the Harlem Renaissance poet. His collection includes the works such as ‘’fifty-five and other poems, seven Negro Sermons in verse and Black Manhattan.
He was regarded as an important figure of the movement named as Harlem Renaissance. He knows how to turn the attention of the reader to h poetry. He treated every subject with keen interest. He was widely read and advocated the black literate through his poetry. His collection Cane is remarkable for its influence. He has imparted a new essence into black literature. He cites the other black writers in order to strengthen his viewpoint in his poems. He generates the ideas in his own way. He treats his subject in a beautiful and fascinating way.
Claude McKay
Claude retains his figure as the prominent person in the HARLEM RENAISSANCE. He occupies the central place among these poets. He was characterized by the duality of intellect among these poets. He felt pride that he was African by his birth. So he also raised his voice to praise the black culture and heritage. To the white friend is the remarkable poem in the context of the black culture. He was the leader of many movements and he claimed his assertion in his poems. He tries to elaborate the efforts of the black people in the history of AfricanAmerican.

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