Hetty Character Analysis in Adam Bede

Hetty in Adam Bede is central character entire novel moves around her tragedy, she suffers a lot due to her error of judgement, she has an error of judgment that this life is stage of roses , life runs all the time as same as she thinks about it , but this the biggest of her error of judgement . She is unawares about the hardships of the life , she has utopian world, she has nourished a world where there is no sorrow and no pathos at all , as we know like that life is provided to Queens. She in fact herself consider a queen, she is queen of her world and is waiting for any prince , who will come and take away from here. Hetty character in Adam Bede can be visualized by her dialogue as well as her soliloquy. As we know very about Eliot art of characterization , she often deals her character with inner self rather than outer self , like Shakespeare, so we can see this thing in Hetty sorrel art of characterization. In this novel Adam Bede we find out many time Hetty keeps busy in the manner of loneliness , all the time thinks about luxurious life . she does not like live in village life and wants to fly away from there. But this ideas she never ever disclosed before any one that is why she meets her tragic end at the end of the novel.

Hetty is innocent lady , she does not harm any one in this novel Adam Bede but why dud she meet her tragic end , actually , Eliot’s world those people are weak and lack of resistant toward sin , they finally meet their tragic end that is why she justifies for it. She flows in the ocean of sins and we know that sins of wages is hell or death.

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