• Difference between hosts and guest.

“HOSTS AND GUESTS BY MAX” summaries the whole essay in very much funny way.In this essay a famous English critic accumulates the funny instance of his life and myths from history to prove that there is substantial difference between hosts and guests.

As far as the summary of essay HOSTS AND GUESTS BY MAX is concerned , it is one who invites another to dinner is called a host whereas the person who is invited is given the name of a guest. The writer calls it the circumstantial and temperamental difference. Some people are born hosts while others are born guests. In every human being one or the other instinct prevails. This instinct is so dominant that it has divided mankind into two great classes, hosts and guests.

Of course, I agree with the opinion of the writer who has divided human beings into two categories. Certainly, the rich try to become hosts and the poor play the role of guests but all the rich people do not like to play the role of a host and similarly all the poor cannot be called guests. Modern industrialization and race for more and more material gain has divided human beings into two groups the poor and the rich. But with one formula we cannot describe the nature of all the human beings.

The writer himself accepts that ‘not all guests are found among the needy, no all hosts among the affluent”.

Either one belongs to the group of hosts or to the guests one has to change one’s place sometimes. But the host as guest is far worse than the guest as host.

According to the writer, a host should have a great heart, full of kindness and warm welcome for the guests. As for all the good guest ship, one must be full of gratitude and dignity.


Q2:-Either the writer is in favor of guest or hosts.

Q3:-Personal opinion of the student.

Q4:-A host is a person who always shows his pride and egoism. Do you agree?

Ans:-Having read the essay, it becomes quite clear that the writer always preferred the role of a guest than of a host in his practical life.

In the school days, it was customary for the students to share their hampers with their mess mates but the writer never did so. In London, the writer entertained his friends at some restaurants but he never felt happy to do so. He always felt a fear that he did not have enough money to pay the bill. He felt satisfaction to pay the bill by chaque rather than the cash.Something, the writer invited his friends in his club but he always felt uneasy in playing the role of a host.

Of course, there are some others reason for which the writer did not like to be a host. He says that the hosts do not have the qualities that the guests possess. The guest wishes to please in turn for the pleasure he receives. Whereas, the host does not has the modesty and gratitude of the guest.

A host always has the idea of possession. The main purpose of offering hospitality always impresses his guest with his wealth and status. Even the most gorgeous host is not free from the feeling of pride and egoism.

Certainly, as the writer is the reader also feels himself in favor of playing the role of a guest than that of a host.

Q5:-Developed of the instinct of the host.

Ans:-Tracing out the history of the development of hospitality, the writer says that it is but an instinct which man has acquired in the long course of self-development.

“Our deepest instinct, bad or good is those which we share with the rest of the animal creation’’.

Animals hardly share their possessions with others and man being one of them also has the same instinct. In the past, the offer of hospitality was seen with a doubtful look. There are many painful and horrible incidents in history in which the host killed their guests. Even the record of Greeks and Roman is also not so praise-worthy. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are perhaps the most ill named hosts.

Certainly, in the beginning, the instinct of hospitality was not wholly pure. But with the passage of time, having got self-development, man started to offer and accept hospitality and now it has become so common that it has divided human beings into two groups’ hosts and guests. So , at the end the essay “HOSTS AND GUESTS” written by MAX SUMMARY gives about the nature of host and guest.



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