Importance of Being Earnest Characters

Importance of being earnest Characters

As far as Oscar Wilde is concerned he is a man of great not only for writing drama but also for delineated characters. In Importance of being Earnest there are four female that are totally different one another, they have different personalities. But Oscar Wilde creates these female characters very minutely as well as artistically. It is said that Oscar Wilde does not deal with characters psychological but apparently. He makes his characters only on surface level, he always forgets to paint his characters by inner self or we may be say that he has lack of knowledge about human’s nature or mankind’s insight.

In Importance of being earnest play when talk about its Characters so many people forget about two main characters no doubt they do not take active part in this play Importance of being earnest but with out their the play never be interpreted at any cost. These are two character in Importance of being earnest play Bunbury and Earnest.


Earnest is a fictional character in “Importance of Being Earnest” play but it is a character that makes attention all the readers as well al the characters of the play “Importance of Being Earnest”. First this character is created by Jack, ironically he himself Earnest but he invents this character on the behalf of his brother that is fake but in fact he is real. This character helps out to Jack for having amusement in city.


Bunbury is a fictional character in “Importance of Being Earnest” play is created by Algernon, ironically Bunbury’s existence was not in real life but he invents this character on the behalf of his friend that is fake. This character helps out to Algernon for having amusement in countryside.

John (Jack, Ernest) Worthing

He is main character of the play. Jack was leading a double life in the London to marry the urban girl. He went to met his friend Algernon in the town while leading a double life. He met Gwendolen there and she loves the man whose name is earnest. He introduces himself as the earnest and she was hurriedly inclined towards him. She uses to love and admire him because his name was earnest. They were tied in a relationship just because of his name.

Algernon Moncrieff

Algernon Moncrieff, so far as the is the main character, he is cousin of Gwendolen Fairfax He creates a fake friend whose name is Bunbury. Bunbury is a fictional character in “Importance of Being Earnest” play which is created by Algernon, ironically Bunbury’s existence was not in real life but he invents this character on the behalf of his friend that is fake. This character helps out to Algernon for having amusement in countryside.

Gwendolen Fairfax

In Importance of Being Earnest Characters Gwendolen comes in red line. Gwendolen is a girl who is lady Bracknel’s daughter, she is treated by Oscar Wilde very artistically. She is typical Aristocratic Lady, she goes against her mother and loves Algernon .When Algernon proposes to her, she accepts his offer very quickly, she has a dairy with her because she want to write that is very secret for her. 

Cecily Cardew

Cecily is a crazy girl who wants to love a man that is an imaginary ,sometime she makes an engagement herself and at the same day she breaks .And she breaks the engagement on the behalf of herself ,she writes letters to Jack and answers herself. It seems that she is an imaginary girl who lives in in dreams and she escape from reality and other place she appears to be unrealistic as well as irresponsible because she does not like studies .She wants to be free but it does not mean she is  a fool or simple girl ,she realizes a relationship that is made between doctor Chausable and Miss Prism.

Lady Bracknel

she is dominated as well as authoritative character . She is class conscious and very talkative woman; she can hold her house without her husband one place she describes very clearly she does not involve her husband in domestic matters. Her class conscious can be seen when she interrogates with Jack she stresses on mostly his family status when she recognizes he has no any family then she adds “References from History of “French Revolution” at once. This statement clears that Jack is illegal child and  reveals her class status before him. She never allows her daughter to marry with person who is suspected illegal child. Her authority can be easily shown when she shows authoritative behave on her daughter so that she may keep away from  Jack’s cunning ,she is a lady who is very unkind when she hears the news Bunbury has lost his life her remarks that creates a unusual feelings she says that it is so good that he has gone to this world otherwise he has to suffer a lot.

Miss Prism

Miss Prism she reveals unforgettable character in this play who is absent minded but she has been written 3 volume novels in which a bad character punishes and good character gains reward, it seems that she believes in poetic justice. Like Miss Prism lady feels and has very narrow minded thoughts about sinner because when she hears Bunbury has been expired, she quotes there ‘sows bad reaps bad .She knows the feelings of a bachelor having been herself singled .She flights about doctor Chasuble he must get marriage at once because alone man can be seen by society very merciful. She has taste in “Literature “and she is literally lady that is why she puts the baby in leather bag instead of baby walker

Dr. Chasuble

Dr. Chasuble is a clergy man but in fact he makes fool to the people In this pay Importance of being earnest the clergy man has also indulged in deception and also makes a target of satire of the author. He makes fools to people by using signal sermon on different occasions, like he addresses same sermon on funeral occasion and this very sermon on baptize. Dr. Chasuble attitude in his sermons was commendable and satirical to the theme of the play. It seems that he himself lack the moral consciousness. He was a priest and uses to repeat the sermons with a little change in them. He accepts before Miss Prism to gain her affection that shows that he lacks in his moral conducts and behavior.


Lane is a servant of Algernon The servant brings sandwich but before coming of lady the sandwich have been eaten by Jack and when she comes into his house and demands her sandwich then Lane tells a lie and says that sandwiches are not present in market even in net cash


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