London William Blake Analysis

Critical analysis themes and summary of the poem London by William Blake

London poem by William Blake critical Analysis can be done, it is based on reality London is reality it is city of England it is not utopians world. London is the remarkable poem from the collection ‘’songs of experience. London poem by William Blake critical analysis, themes and summary informs us about condition of London. William Blake has revealed the some ugly facts about the powerful society of London and about their chartered liberty. In this topic we will analysis the poem of London ;Critical analysis and summary of the poem London by William Blake.

  • Background of the poem

Before discussing London poem summary, we should acknowledge about its back ground. The poem is a record of poet’s political and social analysis about the society of London. The poet has described about the early nature of capitalism in that hollow society. He records the events of suffering people in that area. He was full of rage by seeing this scenery. He critically portrays the streets and the city of London. He shows that how the human relations are tied to one unit in order to fulfill the needs of that destructive society. So, thus, London poem by William Blake critical analysis is quite justifiable here.

  • Form of the poem

  • Main idea of the poem

The poem is a critical view about the hollow society of the London. This poem is a critical attack on the contemporary society in which lower class is suffering from poverty and miserable condition. They are bounded by some limitations and they are not allowed to live according to their own free will. At that time the land lord class was enjoying the fruits of prosperity and happiness. They owned farms and cultivated lands. They did not care about the miserable condition of that lower class in the society. The weaker sections of the society of London were forced to live in the miserable condition. They were not allowed to live accordingly. The upper class subjugates their rights and exploits them. They have snatched their basic rights and became the giants of that society. Their prosperity was mainly due to the hard work of lower class but they gave no credit to them ever. They have also used soldiers to protect their lives and lands. These helpless soldiers offer their lives for the sake of this mighty land owners and farmers. The soldiers were also leading the life of poverty and the misery.

  • Themes of the poem London by William Blake

There are serval themes in the poem London by William Blake. William Blake has given the critical view of the society. He described about the miserable condition of the native people. He condemns the social injustice and poverty prevailing in that society.

  • Theme of social injustice

Theme of social injustice is one of the best theme of London poem by William Blake. William Blake views the society of London and highlights the social injustice prevailing in that society. The land owners used to subjugate their rights. They were not willing to give them their proper rights.                                                       

‘’and marks in every face I meet

Marks of weakness, marks of woe’’

This shows their devastating condition. The masses in the city were suffering from hunger and poverty and were not given their rights of living.

  • Theme of poverty

The poem is about the devastating portrait of the society of London. There were hunger and sufferings everywhere. But nobody feels the pain of the oppressed people.

’How the chimney sweeper’s cry’’

The chimney sweepers, the harlot and the soldiers all were living in the miserable condition. They were representing the social injustices done by the different institutions of that hollow society.

  • Theme of fear

Theme of fear suppresses to others themes in this poem London that has ben written by William Blake. The poet hears the cries of the children and the chimney sweepers. He was frightened at this miserable condition of that people. He wants to reduce their pain but he was in helpless condition. At this moment he was full of anger and he condemns the corruption exercised by the different institutions. He felt dejected at heart when he sees that poor children lying in that condition. He was able to witness the fetters imposed on the miserable people by the land owners and the farmers. These men of power and authority led them to suffer from poverty and hunger.

  • Poetical devices used in the poem

The poet has used ironical words to highlight the miseries of that suffering people. They were tied in the chains of hunger and poverty. The tone of the poem is full of anger and condemnation. He uses to repeat the words in the poem to give a emphatic touch to the poem. He uses the word ‘’marks’’ in order to create a special touch. He employs this word as verb in the poem in order to indicate towards those who sees the condition of that people but pays not attention towards them. He has used the culminating effect in the poem to narrate about his personal experience about the devastating society. He uses to highlight their mental condition by quoting this phrase;

                             ‘’mind- forg;d manacles’’

He has employed this phrase metaphorically. He wants to capture the mental condition of the miserable people of that society. It was about the mental imprisonment of the people by the use of physical force. They force them to subjugate their basic rights. They make their minds slave of their own desires. They will not allow them to think according to their own desires.                                                                                                                 

William Blake also uses the oxymoron to highlight his ideas about the oppressed people. In the phrase ‘’marriage hearse’’ two words are linked together through the use of oxymoron device. Through this phrase he is of the view that the marriage of the bourgeois class is full of hypocrisy. Their marriage becomes the funeral of love for them because the husband and the male counterpart of this agreement remain unfaithful to his wife. The final stanza of the poem indicates the culminating effect of the poem. The baby cries are increased with the harlot’s curse. Here he uses exaggeration to achieve the maximum effect in the poem. The alliteration in the poem helps to maximize the sound of his heart in order to condemn the infected society of the London. The repeated rhyme pattern lays emphasis on the subject that it is of great significance and can’t be neglected by anyone. Blake sees the corruption of the society and tries to improve it. He finds himself helpless under the rule of the men in power and authority. 

Thus, London poem by William Blake critical analysis, themes and summary informs us he reveals the some ugly facts about the powerful society of London.

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