Lopakhin Character in the Cherry Orchard

Lopakhin is a leading character of this drama the Cherry Orchard Lopakhin is name who captures this entire drama in itself.  Character of Lopakhin is a symbol of change, nevertheless , he belongs to a family that is rising class .Actually, he is an opportunist, whenever he gets the chance, he takes advantage of that opportunity which is the same as a real businessman does , he does . There is only one purpose of his life and he wants to earn money, ignores a lot of relationships in terms of getting money. It seems as if money were everything for him and no other staff he does not keep in his world . He is touch in  madam Lubov because he is her neighbor. We see when the play starts he’s a non-married ,indeed, he was serf and recently, he has got freedom and from this freedom he benefits a lot and shows himself in a good business.

Now he is a very cleaver businessman and a landlord And it is rightly said that a mature businessman man never a deals in which he gets loss same as Lopakhin adopts that deals which bestows him profit. I think he is inspired by Bacon’s philosophy children and wife bring about waste of money. If a man gets marriage then he becomes poor so, that is why marry for him is like a  trap and it seems that he never ever wants to adopt this trap around  his neck. He wants to play openly that is why whenever Varya and madam Ranaviskey talk about marriage to him. He simply neither does he accept nor does he refuse ,it is a quality of fair businessman man whenever he (businessman ) faces like that situation usually a mature businessman handles the situation in this way in which second party never minds ,second party might be satisfied by him. Because he provides such an answer in which second party becomes satisfied. In “The Cherry Orchard” character of Lopakhin passes through same situation but he handles very artistically . Sometimes conditions demand somethings different and a man does not want to loss opportunity and the same time he does not avail this opportunity. In this circumstances character of Lopakhin performs very differently ,he uses the policy of “No”. As we know that “No” mean next opportunity .In next opportunity he avails himself in the shape of marriage with Varya. There is no doubt that  he is an opportunistic but he is still too much with  Ranveyskaya ‘s family and also sincere with them.

Lopakhin’s character is not delineated with romantic aspects by playwright, he is very colourless and unromantic. He is not  like Jane Austen’s hero nor he is like Darcy .Lacking of honey words he has been portrayed by playwright, he has no poetic words and soft thoughts which could impress to Varya. No doubt, that he has lack of abstract words rather he has a lot of concrete words .So ,we can assume that character of Lopakhin is not romantic rather he is materialist. Material words and materialistic thoughts ,materialistic approaches he has himself. Similarity comes up when we analyze the character of Lopakhin with Madam Ranveyskaya .Both the characters have similarities in some point of view. They have memorable childhood. But Lopakhin’s childhood was a nightmare while Ranveyskaya’s was a happiest. Ranveyskaya takes solace in her childhood rather Lopakhin feels pain in his childhood. Ranveyskaya runs through her present condition but Lopakhin enjoys himself in present situation. Both the characters love “Cherry Orchard”, one is for her childhood and other is for his business point of view , Lopakhin considers  “Cherry Orchard” is sign of his forefathers decline and sign of his slavery .On the other hand , for Madam Ranavisky it is a symbol of her status ,her family status ,it is memory of her mother that has been attached with it ,It is symbolized motherly figure.



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